ROW80 Check in round three. Didn’t met my quota

ROW80LogocopyI have hit a wall in literary sense. Unfortunately I didn’t meet my goal in this ROW80 round. A few things had sprouted up, that had my mind pre-occupied. It seem to be in standstill, My muse had taken off somewhere, either moonlighting or possibly kidnapped or being held hostage. But I decided to read a few books. Belgariad Saga by David Eddings.

My sleeping habits are once again sporadic. Keeping odd and random hours. An occasional nap here and there.

Would I participate in ROW80 round four? Oh yes indeed, considering that I haven’t worked on my writing.

On the other news, Autumn had officially arrived, though the warm temperature still lingers. I had scouted for some dried grass, I have found several good patches. But it will take some time for the grass to dry. Roughly several mother-lodes to keep my dog nice and cozy.

As for my writing, it will come back. No need to pull out my hair at wits end.

Memory Lane. an evening at airport waiting for groceries

There used to be a business called Zudel’s Limited, it was located in Timmins, Ontario. Before they closed their doors for good. Me and the old man often pool our funds together prior to ordering groceries. And we divide the loot according to our shopping lists.

Poultry, ground beef and perishables were affordable but the dry goods such as rice, oatmeal, flour and so forth are expensive to order. My father never order eggs and potatoes during the winter time, they tend to spoil when they freeze outside. The usual items were okay, once they were brought in the freezer.

I remember one particular evening. Earlier in a day, I was told that my order would be arriving late. By the time, we headed straight to the airport, it was all ready nightfall. It was bad enough the heater went kaput in the Autumn or summer. While the old man was behind the wheel, we had to keep the windows open, to prevent the wind shield from fogging up and frost forming. It was damn uncomfortable inside the truck. The upside the wind was mild.

Typically it takes thirty minutes or less for the items to be offloaded from Air Creebec Cargo. But waiting for plane to come in was longer. To warm up, we had to enter inside the airport building.

As moments went on, sure enough, the wind started to pick up. I was thankful that I had my toque on, thermal underwear aka long johns, a pair of boots on and neck warmer to prevent the wind from giving me a hickey.

If I remember correctly we used a different truck to drop me home, across town.  After we divided the loot.

80 (Short) Facts About Being an Indie Author (The Full List!)


something worth sharing indeed…

Originally posted on Knite Writes:

Regarding Sales…

1.) Your first book will sell 5 copies in its first month. If you’re very lucky.

2.) Your first book will sell 50 copies in its first year, if you’re even luckier.

3.) Your second book will cause your first book to sell slightly better. If it’s a sequel.

4.) If your second book isn’t a sequel, both your first and second book will sell…probably nothing.

5.) You might start seeing an uptick in your overall sales numbers…once you hit book 5 or 6.

6.) More likely, you won’t see any sales increase until you get somewhere around book 10. If you ever see a sales increase at all.

7.) You will see sales when you run ads with certain popular ad sites (like Kindle Books & Tips and Ereader News Today).

8.) Unless all of those sites are Bookbub, the sales tail won’t last but a few…

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All right, thoughts about this new KIndle Unlimited

All right, in regards to the recent news and online chatter about Amazon, from the looks of it. That the company itself may go through with a subscription service, a netflix for ebooks and audiobooks. It’s basically a library, you borrow ebooks and audiobooks, but don’t buy them under this Kindle Unlimited Subscription Service.

I don’t know how it will affect the self published authors and small publishers. I think that there would be a chance that Amazon would feel that it would no longer offer seventy percent for those who had signed up for KDP select. 

There’s a likely chance that this new Kindle Unlimited will cut into sales of authors and publishers alike. I have considered and will eventually take the self published route. Of course, going self pubbed will be difficult and possibly expensive. Not everyone has the luxury of having extra funds lying around.

But a few things are still at nagging me, when I read several articles online. Would I get paid in decent /good amount, or would I get nothing. The worse thing that would happen to a writer, is that he or she would get nothing after all that hard work. 

ROW80 Round Three

All right, I am back, it’s been a while since I posted on my blog. I’m a little late. In regards to round three of ROW80, I am currently participating July Camp NaNoWriMo and this round of ROW80.

The current tale I am currently working on, is a little difficult considering that the character is about sixteen years of age. So basically I don’t know how this tale will come out. But rather than planning the story, I am going to write from the seat of my pants.

My ROW80 goals are, participate in Camp WriMo, Post July work on two different tales and the one I am still stitching together, the one where my laptop rudely croaked.

The Case Against Author Solutions, Part 1: The Numbers

Originally posted on David Gaughran:

authorsolutionsPRHThe more you study an operation like Author Solutions, the more it resembles a two-bit internet scam, except on a colossal scale.

Internet scammers work on percentages. They know that only a tiny fraction of people will get hoodwinked so they flood the world’s inboxes with spammy junk.

While reputable self-publishing services can rely on author referrals and word-of-mouth, Author Solutions is forced to take a different approach. According to figures released by Author Solutions itself when it was looking for a buyer in 2012, it spent a whopping $11.9m on customer acquisition in 2011 alone.

This money is spent on:

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thoughts and self publishing route.

If and when, I go in the self published route. It’s going to take work, I mean lots of work. Editing, ebook covers, formatting, uploading and not to mention marketing. Putting in time, effort and money. Oh yeah, I  would have to copyright my work first. But before that I would have to get critiques and beta-readers.

With my situation, it would be most likely a self publishing route, Considering that I can’t go out of the community. Due to financial constraints.

They say the key of drawing attention of prospective reader is a book cover.

Mandy, one of the teachers once said that I would need at least five people to take a look at my writing. Critique and beta readers.

I think the days of huge advances and marketing are long gone. The maximum advance a writer can get is five grand. The minimum a writer could get is nothing.

With independent publishing platform, the return would trickle. Depending on how much one’s ebook is sold.  I think it’s not going to be much. For example, let say I sold an ebook for 1.99. I could get about 30 percent aka 0.59 per a book. Being on ODSP, I could get cut off. considering how strict they are. 

But then again, one’s ebook would get pulled off from digital shelves. Cutting into a writer’s earnings.

I know of only two places that a writer can self-published in Canada. Kobo Writing Life and Kindle Direct Publishing.

non-writing update. windows update 8.1

All right, I am back. I had a few issues with my laptop after upgrading to windows 8.1. It refused to boot whenever I restart. After resetting my laptop back to factory default via usb erecovery media.

When the same issue occured the second time, I refused to go back to Windows 8 after all that work, so I turned off blue tooth. And it was able to reboot after restarting the computer.

I had to download a wireless lan driver with BT Driver, when the download is complete, click open and click on modify, all without unzipping the zip folder. I let app do its work. Reboot that damn thing and so far, my laptop was able to reboot from restarting.

As for getting that update patch, it hasn’t showed up on windows update. I will have to do that manually, download windows 8.1 update patch from the Microsoft main site. Considering that I paid money for this laptop. And I don’t want to throw money away. 

non writing update – back again, third and final update to windows 8.1

All right, I am back to windows 8.0, after almost mucking up drivers. Fortunately I ordered a recovery USB media, it came a few days later. After doing its thing. I forgot to click on without partition, now my hard drive space got halved. r\ather than wasting time, I continued to update everything. it took me a better part of four hours to let that sucker complete its work.

Except windows 8.1, it will take another night before I complete. The windows seem to work all right.

Consider my mistakes and glean from them.  A friend once said that if the drivers are stable you would never have to update them. He’s usually right.


non writing update. updating my OS.

I haven’t written anything in a while. One, I am currently downloading upgrade to windows 8.1. it stalled last evening. So basically I had to start over again. Either that something is wrong, or there are many people online  via Attawapiskat community Internet. Who knows. Right now my current download completion says thirty-two percent.

It will take a whole night. Of course, the reason I wanted to download and install windows 8.1 and install windows 8.1 patch. So I can use this computer in five years time.

I don’t know what problems may arise. Of course, I could run into errors with my laptop that runs windows 8.0/8.1 Operating System. But I will have download and update everything that also includes drivers for Acer laptop. I am not technical, I will ask for assistance from Acer.

Of course, I am starting to think that microsoft is starting to become draconian in regards to users of windows Operating System.

To be honest with you. I kinda miss my old windows 7 Toshiba laptop. At least windows 7 sp1 operating system would be supported for a long time.