back again, and inane thoughts

I screwed up in my blog posting earlier, my bad. As things tend to happen my mind was damn too lazy to warn my fingers. Cue the cuckoo clock sound effect within my mind. However I did post a redone version of my post.

I find scrivener quite handy when composing blog entry and typing away. Speaking of which, as characters go, they tend to grow on you. Writers come in different flavours, the outliners and those who write from the seat of their pants.

I think we’re somewhat mad. Cue the giggle fits that would spook one’s roommate. Of which, I don’t have fortunately. As for writing, there’s one ape you don’t want to mess with, an orangutan who is one mean fucking dude that would slap you around and call you Sue.

It’s almost WriMo time and so much to do, a redo version.

With two more check-ins before this blasted NaNoWriMo starts. And I haven’t even prep yet. I don’t know which tale to write. Or that I should continue writing the WIP with the MtF character in that tale.

In regards to the other two female character, both of whom, I roughly labelled in this post as mustard and ketchup, aka the blonde and the redhead. All things considered, the fight scene is too early, so it will be nudge to Chapter Two or Three. Not sure where to place the flash back, but it will come to me.

Sometime before my laptop croaked, I got rid of the prologue and most of my written material.

The downside of post NaNoWriMo is the messy jigsaw puzzle. Due to the mad dash and the screeching halt. When this upcoming NaNoWriMo rolls to town, I will make full use of the scrivener documents, including the NaNoWriMo scriv document. So I won’t have piece the damn WIP together. Naturally both of those documents, in scrivener project looked the same, but with the special template, on the right bottom side, it tells you the magic number 1,667.

As for several WIP I will have to roll the dice and write from there. So much to think about, so little time.

my midweek and a bit inane chatter

ROW80LogocopyThis my midweek check-in. NaNoWriMo is around the corner. My mind is still stuck in rut, my groove hasn’t return yet. Probably its out in the open like a bull moose in rutting season, afraid of nobody. However I did continue on researching for my MtF character code named Sam, I won’t say whether or not that she’s one of the main characters. Height and weight, well I would let my fingers do the typing and see where it leads.

A quick recap on my light research. Typically MtF transsexuals lose their upper body strength and stamina, due to the hormones they take. Overall, genital reassignment surgery is expensive, not to mention the cost of breast implants and facial feminization surgery, and recovery time. Oh yeah the human body treats the neovaginal cavity as an open wound.

Quite surprisingly, those who transitioned at a young age, via hormones blockers and oestrogen, they look like their genetic female counterparts. Natural bust size, along with markers of the female species.

In regards to MtF character Sam, who knows how the tale would unfold. Considering that the WIP is speculative fiction with sci-fi on there. I figured that the tale should write itself.

paying it forward

My late ROW80 check-in, sunday

ROW80LogocopyThis my late ROW80 Sunday Check in. I am sorry to say that I haven’t been productive in the writing department. It seems to that my groove hasn’t return or possibly is still in coma. My mojo hasn’t return either. I have three more check-ins before NaNoWriMo starts.

I didn’t even met my goals in writing two stories back to back. The upside I have been continuing on with my reading.

At the moment, my mind is a jumbled mess at the moment. I haven’t prep for NaNoWriMo. I may have to wing it again, who knows I may reach my fifty thousand word goal. They say writing from the seat of your pants can produce unexpected things.

It’s almost time for the grass cutting details. The grass is still green, but I have one mini bungee cord, and paracord to tie bundles of dried grass aka hay. It will have to be done, if I want my dog to be comfortable.

Speaking of which, I love this courier prime font that I had been using it for quite while. The font looks nice on my scrivener and Libre Office.

As for the male to female character, she’s a tough one to write. I added several more names to list.  As for one of the other tales aka WIP, I decided to chuck it out and restart it as soon my groove returns. I kept characters and names.

Choosing a name for character. its tough one.

At the moment I have selected six names for my MtF character. Not sure how the names would go. I removed two names from this post. The list would probably expand, though it will not be posted on this blog. Who knew that writing a male to female transsexual character can be tedious.






Here are three pictures, remember these are examples to give a reader’s imagination, a somewhat loose idea, what Sam looks like. And Sam looks different in my mind’s eye. Besides I don’t own these pictures, they belong to their respective owners.



Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII advent Children/complete

Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII advent Children/complete


Nina Dobrev picture unknown

Nina Dobrev picture unknown


Sarah Bolger from the moth Diaries

Sarah Bolger from the moth Diaries

They say picture is worth a thousand words. And it’s a shame that I can’t draw. Feel free to comment.

Another midweek check-in ROW80 and ramblings

row80logocopyAnother midweek check-in. I have nothing to report, no writing. My writing refused to return. Fingers hovering over the keyboards. Aside that I decided to engage some dialogue and feedback with my online friend Bill. Pertaining to one of the stories, one of which I have yet to write.

But somehow the Internet decided to act stupid. Slowing down to crawl. It happens from time to time, acting like a mean bastard.

Some good news, a high capacity ink cartridge for my HP printer and electronic wipes had arrived. Bad news I ordered the wrong, not a total loss. It would be used on my keyboards and laptop, except for the screen. I ordered another wipe this time, LCD wipes. I sure hope its alcohol and ammonia-free.

Anyways sometime tomorrow, I will continue on with discussion with old Bill. It would be interesting to read what Bill’s opinion.

In regards to another story, I wonder if I should change the character’s name. Sam sounds a little bland, considering that the character is male to female transsexual. And I think the tale is speculative fiction or possibly science fantasy.

Windows media player crashed and memory lane.

Well this was an interesting evening, my windows media player had crashed many times. I think I was able to resolved the problem by googling online. Then my windows explorer stopped working three times. Fortunately the Windows OS didn’t crashed.

It seems to me that I had a run of misfortune or life decided to spoof on me. My windows media player crashed again after the quick fix. My windows media player library is corrupted. Then I proceeded to check online for some useful answers. Followed what was written and proceeded with caution. One mistake would kill my laptop.

I don’t feel like restoring my computer back to factory default settings. I spent hell of the time remedying one hiccup. Not to mention spending close to four days to download more than three gigs of free windows 8.1 upgrade. Of which I found out that the blue tooth driver was incompatible with windows 8.1. That was interfering with the restarting of my laptop. After remedying that hiccup the rest was history.

Speaking of which, I will have to get two external hard drives. Though the reliability of Seagate external hard drives is questionable at times. Like other external hard drives. I would be extremely annoyed if my recent laptop decides to croak.

I don’t know how things would pan out, I may switch to VLC media player for my digital music box. If windows media player continues its twitchiness. But I think that I should be all right.

Drone developers get big open source boost from Linux Foundation, vendors like 3D Robotics and Box


definitely cool indeed. would be useful to check the water levels during Ice break and lost fools who decided to go on the winter road during the winter time

Originally posted on Gigaom:

Drones are a hot topic right now, attracting not just big names like Amazon and Google, but thousands of independent developers who want to use aerial technology for fields like conservation, commerce, search and rescue, and scientific research.

On Monday, those developers got a big piece of good news: the Linux Foundation and ten companies announced the “Dronecode Project,” which will offer a huge repository of open source code for people to build aerial operating systems, navigation tools and other features for unmanned aircraft.

While Linux code is already part of many drone-related projects, the new initiative consolidates many of these assets under one roof, providing a common platform as well as communications and governance tools. And, of course, the code will be available to anyone who wants to use it.

The Dronecode Project will be overseen by the Linux Foundation, but it is also receiving some high-profile industry support, including from Chris Anderson, the former Wired

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Revenge porn will be explicitly outlawed in the UK


I’m weary of the government legislating laws, a law would be used and misused as a sledge hammer, or an axe .

Originally posted on Gigaom:

The U.K. government is set to make so-called “revenge porn” – the public sharing of someone’s private sexual images without consent, in the hope of upsetting them – explicitly illegal.

Such activity is already arguably an offense under at least two U.K. laws, but the government is now planning to add an amendment to the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill (which is wending its way through the parliamentary approval process) to specifically target revenge porn. The amendment will cover the posting of revenge porn on social networks and other websites, and its sharing via text message, email or physical distribution.

The maximum sentence under the new law will be two years (the same as for severe online trolling), though a sentence of up to 14 years can already await someone convicted of a sexual offense under current legislation.

“The fact that there are individuals who are cruelly distributing intimate…

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My late check-in ROW80 Sunday

ROW80LogocopyAll right this is Sunday ROW80 check in, well a day late. My writing goals is a little abysmal at the moment. Looks like my writing had decided to take a vacation or is being kidnapped.

I had printed out after exporting several clips from scrivener projects. I had to export scrivener docs to ODF file format, so the Libre Office won’t get all cross-eyed.

The pages look crisp and it didn’t jab me in the eyes.

I didn’t mention this earlier, but as you may recalled from my earlier experiences with windows 8.1 upgrade. After it got all a little finicky and moody. One of my usb thumb drives, a little one of which I stored my meagre files, was wiped clean. Gee thanks MicroSoft.

Aside from that, Much of my music is recovered except for Helen of Troy TV Miniseries OST, my writing had started from a crawl.

I have been eyeing several of my drafts, train of thoughts refusing to settle down. Either that, or I finally lost my marbles.