ROW80 checkin wednesday, late again.

Ahoy its Thursday morning. This is my late ROW80 check for Wednesday December 17, 2014. And I am a day late. Two more check-ins to go. I have a bit of news, I did a bit of editing of the several clips of my old NaNOWriMo from 2013. At the moment its a slow going.

I will have to add in more text, filling in the details. For basic telepathic communication, I’ve been debating which brackets to use the angle brackets with italics <<text>> and curly brackets with italics {{text}}. But I wonder how they would hold in conversion to an ebook. Considering the technology is moody and iffy at times. I think the angle brackets are easier to the reader’s eyes. Well to my eyes that is.

I had hit a snag after updating adobe flash player. Whenever I tried to play a video on YouTube, there’s either no audio, or the damn flash player keeps crashing. Lo and behold there were two flash players in my firefox browser that has been causing conflict. To remedy it, I had to uninstall flash player and reinstall it manually. The reinstall took me most of the night. Now it works like a charm.

just one of those random updates and weird weather

It has been an interesting few days. The weather is unusually warm,in December. The upside no water pipe freezing. I purchased a 16kg bag of kibble for my dog. Only to be notified by one dude standing outside of the northern store about the small tear.

Good eye, I was thinking, how the hell did I miss it. Anyways it was on sale thirty-five bucks.

I had to carry the bag in an uncomfortable position, instead of carrying it on my shoulder. So the kibble won’t trickle out of the bag. After getting the bag inside, I roughly patched the small tear closed.

Just late this morning, I opened that damn bag, with a knife, after it was sitting there in a box for few days. Better use it before it goes stale. The dog seems to enjoy the flavour.

The two portable ceramic heaters I have ordered had arrived at the post office, I will pick them up. One would be given to my father and I will keep the other for myself.

My mother sent me some caribou meat. I am thinking of making basic caribou stew, with potatoes, frozen vegetable mix and a bit of cornstarch and water mix added. And let the bastard cook. Shoot, I should cook that right now.

I think my mother is sending me one or two rabbits. I am thinking that I need turkey necks and some salted pork. One little rabbit needs a bit of boost. In the meat department. Dumplings or potatoes, I will go with dumplings, its been a while since I had basic dumplings.

my late check-in, quick diggin online, n thoughts

I am late again, this my midweek check-in. So far I haven’t written a single word, aside from googling some info. I’d say, it’s not a total loss. In regards to my NaNoWriMo text, it needs editing. As for my previous WriMo WIP and my neglected WIP, both of them needed to be attended to.

I have been looking into spooky stuff, hybrids of fallen angels and human women. And homeless people who were rounded up, being used as genetic experiments and for food. People disappearing in National parks and other parts of the world. Subterranean troll-like creatures emerging from a bridge. The entities known as the black eyed children.

What did I learn about bigfoot, he’s an extra-dimensional creature. Shooting big foot with a rifle is practically useless. Either he’s bullet proof, or just cannibalistic hairy golem-like creature.

Of the stories about succubus and incubus violating people. It made sense that the fallen angels taking on female form to collect genetic material. According folklore demons are disembodied spirits monstrous hybrids.

Lilith the night hag, now that’s nasty wench, I don’t want to encounter in dark alley way.

ROW80 check in, du-dum random thoughts

ROW80LogocopyThis is my late ROW80 check-in of Sunday December 7, 2014. My writing had slowed to a standstill. I have been fuelling my imagination by listening to music and audiobooks on YouTube.

I have been playing been with several things, including the new version of Google Drive, I set it as the same view. As for my scrivener update took me several failed attempts before I had to call it a night and try again in the morning. Lo and behold, even it took me about four hours to download that update. Finally that bastard is updated and it looks slick from the last version.

Good old Google, it would be nice if Google Drive implemented Courier Prime font in Google Docs. Courier Prime font is easier on the eye. I found a decent substitute, while working online Adamina font. Courier new font is a little too skinny.

Oh yeah, while lurking about on several name generator sites, a handful of them had produced good keepers. Anyways aside from it, Enoch is good name via scrivener name generator, I am all ready using it for my character’s name.

I am still considering in getting a chromebook as a complementary tool for my writing. But a wireless router is needed. Then again, the community internet sometimes like to takes its sweet time.  I decided not to migrate to a highspeed internet.

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random dums, and thoughts

When I enquired about upgrading to fibre optics internet. I was told to order internet canopy with modem from Xittel for 650.00 before tax. Downright expensive and reasonable. Not sure if the activation fee is included with the 650.00. As a saying goes sometimes highspeed internet can be a somewhat overrated.

I was also told that modems for the community internet should arrive in next week. 100.00 for a replacement modem is not bad. I should stick with the community internet for the time being.

Speaking of internet, I am currently updating my scrivener software from to Of which is downloading at a snail pace. It has to be done, no sense in belly aching about it. But hey, 45.00 a month for internet is a sweet deal.

My late midweek check-in. da-da-dum

This is my late Midweek check-in, I don’t have much to report in regards to my writing. My sum total word count of the entire month of November is 1763. Not bad, skimpy, but then again, I tend to be choosy with words.

After importing my WriMo project to another scriv project. I haven’t sort my NaNoWriMo scriv project yet. Tomorrow I should get started. This current round of ROW80, until December 25th, less than twenty-two days.

I will have shape up and start typing words.

In regards to WalMart Canada I wasn’t pleased that the standard shipping fee had jumped from twenty to a hundred dollars. I enquired about it, they offered no straight answers. Save money, live better. Well that’s a strange way to save money, gouging costumers. If I ordered a bag of black pepper for 2.00, 100.00 standard shipping free would be slapped on it. Making it one expensive bag of pepper.

I decided to buy a bag of dog from the northern store. The brand is called signal, signal dog food 8kg. So far, so good Sped eats it. I heard that some dogs are picky eaters.

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My Late ROW80 check-in, final-day of WriMo

This is my Sunday Check in for ROW80 and ole NaNoWriMo, again it’s a day late. I missed the Sunday and Wednesday check in. NaNoWriMo ends tonight, leaving me about fifteen minutes to type in and validate my word count.

My total word count is 1,668. Pretty skimpy from last year’s word count of 6577.

Anyways there’s not much to report I had 151 words written on the 20th, but trickled on the 21 and the 22nd. Then stopped and restarted on 25th. It stopped again on 27th and trickled on the 28th.

I will have follow up this evening after midnight. I seriously need to defrag my mind.

By far this current WIP is difficult to write. I think it kicked my ass.

Oh one more thing I found another of my old favourite endings on YouTube. Nosferatu SNES ending. After watching it, it made me want to complete an old WIP I have stowed away.

my rant and a bit of anger

I decided to edit this post. I kinda went overboard in regards to the thirteen Somalis who were convicted of gang raping minors and sex trafficking them. Advocating death penalty for those perverts would be construed as hate speech and anti-Islamic.

Still, I don’t like the idea of people of any background peddling human fresh and bragging about it.

Here are the links to the articles, article one and article two. From reading two articles on,  As the old saying goes, you can’t criticize violent hooligans, and evil people.

In Canada, it is hate speech to criticize paedophiles and animal rapers. Hell, self defence would get you locked up in jail. From my observation of the mainstream media, tend to look other way

An old definition of paedophilia is that someone who is sexually attracted to prepubescent kids.

A day late ROW80 check in and some thoughts.

ROW80LogocopyThis is my midweek check in for ROW80 and NaNoWriMo. It’s a day late, my apologies, there’s not much for me to report. But I haven’t written a word, yesterday and the day before. I will have to gather some chi and write something.

In regards to my writing, I think I know where it might be heading. I also have a few thoughts to play with. But still it’s in its early phase.  Speaking of which, one of the people I chatted with on facebook liked what I shared with her. She said that she think I could write a series from it. And I chirped in thought of a possible prequel.

After post NaNoWriMo I will upload what I have written via google drive. And send links to to my WIP.

On a little side note, yesterday my laptop crashed early afternoon aka shut down unexpectedly. But no damage was done, my laptop still works. It could be a number of things. Fortunately my computer hasn’t been infect with anything. I think I may have to use my old System Recovery Drive again, and restart everything from scratch. So far so good the computer works. I will still have to order an external hard drive.Building an external hard drive itself is difficult, I don’t have the proper tools.

My SUnday Check-in ROW80/WriMo n stuff

row80logocopyThis is my late Sunday ROW80check-in. NaNoWriMo is almost over, about more than a week remaining. I have a bit of good news, my word count has steadily climbed somewhat. Total word count for this check-in from Wednesday evening to yesterday is 389. And my fingers are still picky with what words to type unto scrivener document.

It seems that I weaved an old concept into my current WIP. Let’s just say that an original thoughts decided to rear its head and squint at me. I decided to work with it. Fortunately other WIP didn’t leeched in the current one. After this current round of NaNoWriMo is one, I will have to get back working on other stuff.

I had an interesting chat with Bill early this afternoon. We discuss a bit of things.

There was power outage this morning. Inside my little home, the temperature drops. I made a quick fire from the thick branches harvested and scrap wood gathered. The local power came back on early, less than two hours. I had to wait several moments for my modem to warm up, before unplugging and replugging the power source. From the looks of it, I will have to replace my old modem via buying a new one or upgrade to wireless fibre optics canopy internet.