A day late ROW80 check in and some thoughts.

ROW80LogocopyThis is my midweek check in for ROW80 and NaNoWriMo. It’s a day late, my apologies, there’s not much for me to report. But I haven’t written a word, yesterday and the day before. I will have to gather some chi and write something.

In regards to my writing, I think I know where it might be heading. I also have a few thoughts to play with. But still it’s in its early phase.  Speaking of which, one of the people I chatted with on facebook liked what I shared with her. She said that she think I could write a series from it. And I chirped in thought of a possible prequel.

After post NaNoWriMo I will upload what I have written via google drive. And send links to to my WIP.

On a little side note, yesterday my laptop crashed early afternoon aka shut down unexpectedly. But no damage was done, my laptop still works. It could be a number of things. Fortunately my computer hasn’t been infect with anything. I think I may have to use my old System Recovery Drive again, and restart everything from scratch. So far so good the computer works. I will still have to order an external hard drive.Building an external hard drive itself is difficult, I don’t have the proper tools.

My SUnday Check-in ROW80/WriMo n stuff

row80logocopyThis is my late Sunday ROW80check-in. NaNoWriMo is almost over, about more than a week remaining. I have a bit of good news, my word count has steadily climbed somewhat. Total word count for this check-in from Wednesday evening to yesterday is 389. And my fingers are still picky with what words to type unto scrivener document.

It seems that I weaved an old concept into my current WIP. Let’s just say that an original thoughts decided to rear its head and squint at me. I decided to work with it. Fortunately other WIP didn’t leeched in the current one. After this current round of NaNoWriMo is one, I will have to get back working on other stuff.

I had an interesting chat with Bill early this afternoon. We discuss a bit of things.

There was power outage this morning. Inside my little home, the temperature drops. I made a quick fire from the thick branches harvested and scrap wood gathered. The local power came back on early, less than two hours. I had to wait several moments for my modem to warm up, before unplugging and replugging the power source. From the looks of it, I will have to replace my old modem via buying a new one or upgrade to wireless fibre optics canopy internet.

Random thoughts and quick thought on humanzees

I was watching several videos on YouTube, one of them happens to be about humanzees. Appearantly Stalin wasn’t the only one who wanted to create supersoldiers. The Chinese Government, the United States Government and so forth.

GMO crops, such as tomatoes, corn, rice among other things. It wouldn’t be surprising that world governments had all ready produce Chimeric creatures. There’s all ready a goat that it’s sole purpose to produce spider silk from its teat. And a hairless mouse that has an human ear on its back.

Now add to nano-technology to the mix. Or think Wolverine and James Cameron the terminator mash together.

Let say that a team of scientists funded by a particular government had successfully created a first batch of hybrids. Depending which kind of hybrid. For a sake of argument, that they produced human and ape hybrids. Basically you can’t order them around, one of them would be apt to rip your arm off.

Cue planet of the apes, or the rise of the planet of the apes. Or the Island of Doctor Moreau, a novel by H.G Wells and two adaptations, 1977 and 1998 with Marlon Brandon and val Kilmer.

Anyways chimps are aggressive creatures. Typically when chimpanzees attack they go for the hands, face and the groin. To intimidate their rivals. Not to mention that they bite and strike at other chimps.

WRiMo ROW80 midweek check-in, random stuff

row80logocopyThis is my midweek ROW80 check in. It’s late in the evening, So far I have written 111 word on Monday, 25 words yesterday. It’s been slow two weeks. But hey every little bit helps. As for my quota word count, I’m not sure what my total tally would be at end of this month.

For some reason, writing seems to kick in at unexpected times. Post NaNoWriMo, it would be stitching text and editing Edward Scissorhands style.  Catching up on more of my light reading. I often check online for random tidbits and facts.

All things unrelated to my writing. Flurry and mixture with rain, I hope that it won’t freeze, yanking down power lines. Internet has its mood.

It looks like that I had gathered way too much dried grass. The sum total, including a thin bundle is twelve. I never chop up the grass, the dog’s weight and movement will take care of that. Swapping the grass would have to quick, otherwise Sped would relieve himself on the fresh change. Not to mention a tight squeeze and the pooch being curious to what I am doing.

First order of business check inside of the dog house, see how much snow had entered and scoop out much as possible along with the old grass. I will have to be a bit more generous with dried grass than what I used last winter. But then again, snow always get blown inside of his dog house. The dog house is a basic box, unlike the insulated dog houses, I had seen on YouTube and online. And hopefully Sped won’t get displaced by other roaming dogs.

late Sunday-ROW80 check in WriMo

This is my late Sunday ROW80 check-in. My word count tally since on November 8 is 33, I didn’t write anything since 40 word count on November 5th. Thursday and Friday, no words came. My NaNoWriMo total word count is pitiful

I had a bit of distraction for several days.

I tried to get back on schedule via writing, but at the moment, nada, nothing. But hopefully my muse would return.

Good news, it turns out that my dog’s leg is all right. I had gathered more than enough dried grass for my four legged friend. I have eight regular sized bundles. Even though the snow had dusted the ground and more is on the way, Just now I gathered two more bundles of dried grass. Excluding half of one bundle used and merged together with my spring dried grass harvest. It seems that I had lost count.

update my Muse still hadn’t return, but I did some light research.

update II Who knew that writing female characters is tough. I have one character whom I written is an older one. I am interested in loose history told by the media, world war one and two and among other things. Not to mention that Europeans were sold as slaves in  Islamic markets, during the dark ages.

My late midweek check in ROW80/WriMo

ROW80LogocopyThis is my midweek check in. My writing is a little skimpy, well okay, hardly anything written, considering that I tend to choosy with text. My word count tally in four days is 405.

It seems to me that I work at night time, less distractions, unless you count prank calls, my dog barking at people walking at night and stray dogs.

On the following morning, I copied and pasted the text on to another document in my scrivener project as a loose jigsaw puzzle. It looked disjointed, but it would be filled in and edited afterward, next month after NaNoWriMo is over. I don’t like rushing things, otherwise I would end up writing like a drunken monkey, or stoned mean-ass Baboon.

It has been an interesting first few days. Internet went down for two days. Part of my belt tore off, making it useless. My FaceBook account was almost purged. Looks like my dog may have been injured, or had a scrape with another dog. I will try to check on his back leg. But I will have to keep an eye on it.

Anyways for my current, WIP, in Post NaNoWriMo, I think the first pages would become temporarily deleted scenes or partially deleted scene. And reinserted after filling in of the text and editing is done. Editing would be done next month, not right now.

Late ROW80 Check in, NaNoWriMo indeed

ROW80LogocopyAll right, this is my late ROW80 check-in, NaNoWriMo. My Internet went down promptly on November first. I think kids knocked the internet down, due to playing where the big ole dish, of which community internet is connected. While the internet was passed out, or out cold, I printed out my first page.

Anyways, writing a prologue had a hit snag, the beginning chapters are always difficult. Once I get past the beginning chapters, it should go smoothly. So far my total word count for two days was 298. 64 words on Sunday night and 234 words on Saturday night, as at this moment, no word count yet. But I will get some rest.

My writing took a slight detour, when my Windows Media Player refused to load properly. After several tries, I manage to get that bastard working by opening my media player as a administrator, of which it work, after restarting it and rebooting my computer.

In regards to my current WIP, I decided to write it after my online FB friend Kathleen liked the concept of the story.

On Saturday evening, I did a little write in with Dave. I’m not used to typing away on a keyboard on my lap. I keep changing the font size on my scrivener. Playing the music on my laptop seemed to distract Dave couple of times, so I turned off the music and typed away. I got the words written down so far.

Gathered some Dried Grass for my dog.

The supply for my dog’s bedding should last him until spring. First batch is still wet, considering that it rained all morning. I roughly dried almost half of bundle. And the rest will have to dried out a bit. Yesterday, I gathered three bundles on each trip, the second trip, I used a wheel barrow. Each trip took an hour on foot one way. After removing the wet grass, right on cue the snow started falling. When I hauled the mother-lode home, I added a fresh dried grass, and merged together leftover dried grass I gathered during spring time. A thin layer for his bedding until more would be added later on first week of November.

As for this afternoon, I went out, to gather some more, it’s still green on the edges, no matter by December it would be ready for Sped’s bedding. On the side note Sped found caribou bone. He has a fondness for nibbling on bones.

So far so good my dog is cozy in his dog house. I will have to feed dry kibble this winter, considering that the liquid freezes. On cold windless days, I think it would be ideal for give him some broth. But then again, there would be plenty of snow for his hydration needs.

My mid-week ROW80 check-NaNoWriMo and quick thoughts

ROW80LogocopyThis is my semi-late ROW80 mid-week check-in. My first days of ROW80 hasn’t pan out as I planned. Now NaNoWriMo is just several steps away from my door, and still I haven’t prepped anything for this month of November.

While some are busily prepping and others are itching to write their new works. I have several options, either work on one of two different WIP that had been in my mental bin for quite a while, or continue working on my current WIP. Naturally the lure of writing something from the seat of my pants is tempting indeed.

Considering what tomorrow may bring, who knows.

As the MtF character code named Sam, the tale she’s in, can wait after NaNoWriMo. The tides of writing has a habit of forking to other roads.  In regards to writing, it’s like a game of Roulette in Casino, without being rigged in the house’s favour.

My ROW80 check-in. Mam O Man, bummer

ROW80LogocopyAll this is my Sunday check-in. And with one more check-in to go, NaNoWriMo is lurking around the corner, staring at me menacingly.

I was going to sit down and type out a few words, but on cue, my shoulder starts to ache. The same spot where I had flu shot several years ago. Either that or I’m getting old. Anyways it’s been bugging me since around 9PM Eastern Time. I decided to sleep it off, then again my right shoulder never stopped bitching. For now that mild throbbing on my right shoulder had stopped.

Anyways I haven’t met any goals for this ROW80 check-in. Other than reading more reading materials to fuel the fire. However I did some Googling for more goodies and useless info online. but hey every scrap of info can be useful.

I haven’t figured out which tale to write for this NaNoWriMo, as one good friend had said last year, best time to write is right now. Part of my goals had fallen through the floor.

  • Work either one of several stories I have in the back burner.
  • Or possibly switch between different tales, hopefully they won’t merge.

So far, I haven’t written a damn word, other than an my meagre word count that occasionally trickles. It will be writing from the seat of my pants.