Late check in, day late, duh- dum


All right, this is my day late check for Round three of ROW80. I must admit that I didn’t reach my goal of July Camp NaNOWRiMo. But its still early in the game. I decided to let my WIP rest a bit and work on something else.

I did a quick research, to get some thinking out of the way. For some odd reason, thoughts keep popping in to my head.

In ancient Roman times, women didn’t serve in the military. Granted that women in higher strata of Roman society were in the game of manipulation and plotting. I highly doubt that there are female gladiator fighters. But Rome is an interesting place.

Anyways on to my other WIP, where there are deadly female characters. In that current WIP that I’m working on. I think it’s safe to say that there are a sprinkle of themes of revenge, old grudges, hatred going on. Not to mention a few things going on.

Going off topic for a bit, my other WIP wants to pop up and say write me. It’s going to be tricky in which one to write. Well I have to flip a coin.

All right back to my WIP. In regards to the female character, well one of them. I will have to write it realistically. Women have lighter bone structure than men. For a woman to survive a fight, she would have to cheat. A fair fight would be her disadvantage.

Sunday check-in, ROW80 and Camp NaNo

ROW80Logocopy This my Sunday Check-in for Round Three and July Camp NaNo. The end of first week ROW80. And day twelve of Camp NaNoWriMo. Well there’s not much to report. My writing had slowed to a trickle. Yesterday, I had hit a mental wall, knocking me out flat on my ass. My muse had gone off somewhere. The upside my Untitled Speculative Fiction is looking a bit respectable. The beginning chapter and other scenes are slowly being sorted and filled in. From a quick glance at my WIP, all ready there would be deleted scene(s), after this Camp NaNo is done. But for now, more time on writing. Less mentally dickering around. Speaking of which, one of the main characters, the brunette was originally from Russia. Well, in the notes department. I had change that. Checkout what other ROW80ers are up  

Goals and late ROW80 check in.

ROW80LogocopyAll right, I decided to merge goals for round three of ROW80 with my check in for ROW80. Its going to be somewhat longer post than my usual post.

It’s day eight of July Camp NaNoWriMo. My word count is a bit sparse. I have been slacking off in the writing department. On some quick news I installed several fonts. Courier Prime Sans, Cousine and Tonis. Unfortunately Courier Prime and Courier Prime Sans are not available in Google Drive.

1. Merge ROW80 with July Camp NaNo on first leg.

2. Continue with my ole speculative fiction WIP (work in progress)

3. Edit and stitch in the text.

4. after the end of July work on either of several WIPs.

5. probably rotating one WIP every month, until the end of round three. Less confusion.

That concludes my goal, as the old saying things have a way of sprouting, when you least expect them.

And now my ROW80 check in. I have been checking online for some information. The writing is slow, but coming along nicely. I am still debating on what to do with the male to female character. Somewhat at a loss. Deleted character, or keep her in the WIP.  Despite what people may think, I tend to cringe on things.

I did a quick research, male to female transsexuals tend to be overly feminine.

I revisited the first chapter and several sequences. I first copied and pasted the text unto LO. And started working on it. Then I pasted the text to the scrivener document, five minutes before midnight eastern time. Since its Camp NaNoWriMo, writing is going to be a dizzying experience. The good news, the flow is starting to look smooth. Though the first chapter and other snippets are still unfinished. I’m going to trust the process and let the damn thing finish itself.

After completing the editing and the stitching I will switch back to writing on the scrivener document processor.

other participants of ROW80 round three

My late ROW80 final check-in

This is my another late check in for Round Two of ROW80. I must admit, I didn’t get anything much done in this round, goal-wise. It’s been an interesting ride that I intend continue.

However I will attend July Camp NaNoWriMo. I have a serious need to write, complete my WIP. I’m still debating which WIP to write. I think sometimes its best to go back to basics.

One some news, my laptop seemed to restart when it suddenly shutdown abruptly. Fortunately I didn’t lose anything.

The upside, my Kobo Touch had arrived. But I am still working on it after I had hit a snag, when processing content stalled. Had to reset to default factory settings three times. Updating the firmware via USB cable is a pain. Not to mention the sluggish internet connection. Third time the charm.

As soon as I get that damn ebook reader working the way it supposed to. The sooner that I can read a modest collection of DRM-free epub and mobi ebooks.

I purchased four used books available at the rummage sale held by a teacher.

midweek checkin ROW80 day late.

This is my day late Check in for June 17, 2015. Round two of ROW80 is almost over. Hello Round three, and July Camp NaNoWriMo.

However I am not satisfied with the prologue of my stagnate and current WIP. Even though, its a YA. I ran it through my ProWritingAid online editor for overused words and for other things. Sure enough, it showed up the overused words. I will have to go back to the prologue and rework on it afterwards.

No new words came, I think my mind had entered the empty phase. Possible loose screws, or the cuckoo clock noises chirping away inside of my noggin.

As for my other WIP, they’re moodily sitting around, being neglected. I will have to get to work on them pronto.

On the other news, the external hard drive I ordered from on June ninth had arrived six days ago, give or take.

mid-week ROW80 check in, Uh-Huh

All right, this is my ROW80 check of June 10, 2015. It’s almost end of the Round two. I would like to apologize for being absent. To be honest I didn’t finish my goals. My mind seemed to hit a brick wall. I didn’t finish April NaNoWriMo. My writings are somewhat sparse.

It has been interesting spring, cold days, moody weather, snow flakes falling in first week of June, then disappeared in the same morning. Thankfully no flood via ice jam down the river in this past May.

I decided in taking some time to do some light research. Naturally the information online is limited, especially Wikipedia the diet Pepsi of information. Ergo requires a little more digging.

However I have to be careful where I go online. The sites are filled with with dangers such as Trojans, worms, viruses, ransomwares and other nasties that would infect my computer. The techie schmucks are more craftier than ever.

ROW80 round Two goals

Round two of ROW80 is upon us again.

It has been an interesting months,  I got side tracked. My modem almost croaked on me. It would be friggin expensive to purchase a replacement from my local ISP.

Major Goal for this round is to work on my YA novel and work on other WIP.

  • Work on my YA novel, stitching in text and continue writing.
  • Read more books.
  • Order an external hard drive.
  • Continue on with day seventeen on the 100 day challenge.
  • Back up my WIP via several usb thumb drives and external hard drive.

Post April Camp NaNoWrimo

  • post April Camp NaNoWriMo send out my WIP to Beta Readers/Alpha readers. Via email and google drive.
  • Restart/continue with one of the three WIP of which, I had set aside in the back burner.
  • Continue utilizing the 100 day challenge to meet the one hundred to a thousand word count per a day, give or take.

Other than that I will have to write from the seat of my pants.

random stuff and my father’s bday

Camp NaNoWriMo is around the corner. There are two that I know of, one in April and another July. I will have to pick and choose which WIP to work on.

The YA novel that I’m still working on had kicked my mental butt. Then there’s ROW80 round two. How bout you ladies, gentlemen and those who don’t use labels. What are your writing goals.

On the other news, my father celebrated his seventy-ninth birthday. Unfortunately I didn’t bake him a cake. But I got him cooked whole hen, oranges and some sort of tea. It aint much. As a saying goes its better than nothing.

damn phishing and damn things.

For me, an email is a vital tool. I checked the spam section of my email section. And click on delete all spam messages. In my spam folder there’s an email from apple. That a purchased has been made by an apple ID.

Let me be clear, I never created an Apple ID, I didn’t sign up for it, nor that I installed Itunes on to my laptop. Hell, I don’t even own any products from apple.

From the looks of it, there’s a phishing attempt on my email account. As phishing goes, the email from apple looks legit. But its a fake. And a very good fake.

I phoned apple and asked them if anyone had created an apple ID by using my email account. They said they didn’t find any apple ID that matches my email. It’s annoying that people would do such a thing to other people.

Oh another thing, please do refrain posting a link to your personal store on my blog post via comment.  I’m sorry for being a little brisk. Many thanks

final check-in of ROW80 round 1, seeya soon round 2

This is my late mid-week check-in, final one for this round. I had missed my check-ins. Round two is around the corner, I will attend campwrimo along with ROW80 round two.

One of my online friends signed me up to the FB group 100 day writing challenge. The goal is to write 100 words or more in every day. I think I have found my motivation. It’s been somewhat helpful. Considering that I haven’t written anything, aside from this blog post.

With upcoming ROW80 round two, and campwrimo 2015, its going to writing from the seat off from my pants.

I will have to pick one of the WIP, and plop my scraggly butt firmly on the seat and write the damn thing. In loose translation, pick one of my WIP and write and stitch in the text.

Apriwrimo aka camp nanowrimo is a bit strict, ten thousand words a minimum.

Hopefully my internet connection won’t fog out on me.

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