ROW80 check-in, a day late again

This is my midweek ROW80 check-in and I am a day late. All right onto my quick update, just yesterday, I  wrote another draft. This draft would be in the same universe as old almost forgotten WIP. It’s a slow getting there.

Ever since I upgraded my ISP, using an online editor of pro-writing-aid has made editing smoother.

Okay back to where I was, I haven’t settled on the age of the main character. Thirty-two sounds about the right age. But being tight-lipped regarding my draft, who knows.

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Ahoy there, ROW80 check in indeed

ROW80LogocopyThis is my late ROW80 check-in for May 22, 2016. I almost forgot that it’s Sunday. One of my online friends, Frank is starting small publishing company. So I will get back to writing.

While Googling online, my mind was pinging back and forth regarding the current WIP. As for my other WIP, they’re still in the back burner once again.

Good news, my monitor, USB 3.0 port hub, wireless keyboard and HDMI cable had arrived a few days ago. My computer still works why chuck the laptop away while it’s still good.

Back to writing, I did more research on several topics. One of them, gold and silver. Selling gold and silver in bars is close to impossible, with or without tracking number. Plopping a single gold bar on counter would raise questions. Precious metals in small sticks and 100 gram are easily traded or sold. I don’t know about 10 Tola gold bar. It’s possible.

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My ROW80 Sunday Check-in

row80logocopyThis is my ROW80 check-in for Sunday May 15, 2016. Nothing has been written. I may have to create a blank scrivener project. But the upside, my upgrade internet help me to streamline with prowriting aid. Copy and paste on to online editor make adjustments accordingly.

For now, I’m using Libre Office to compose this blog.

Speaking of which, when my monitor, HDMI cable, USB 3.0 port hub, webcam and wireless keyboard. I would use my old windows 8.1 laptop until I order another one. When I order another laptop, the monitor will be useful.

Anyways back to writing, I’m glad that Ronnie, an elderly gent with parkinson disease said that I made a good choice in going with ProWriing Aid. He’s right.

And I made switch back to scrivener again. A few things to do, and so many words to type.

Under no circumstances use google drive to back up your scrivener projects. And a warning from me never use google drive. Otherwise it would corrupt your scriv documents. The only time I would use Google Drive is for basic documents, such as Libre Office Docs, Word Perfect Docs or MS Docs. When I want to save my stuff online, I compile to ODF or RTF. I stashed my scrivener projects in USB flash drives, more than three flash drives.

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The Pirate Bay and a bit of random thoughts

Website known as The Pirate Bay loses it iconic URL. According to the articles I read online. How long would it remain online in a foreseeable future I don’t know?

Why people download torrents, well there are various reasons, one is due to strict nature of DRM (Digital Rights Media). Media downloaded and paid for, with DRM tethered to your device, and lose your device. Well, that’s money down the drain.

There are other things to worry about such as ISIS, Islamic terrorism, lunatics lurking, foreign terrorists, and psychopaths. I don’t agree with the policy of cracking down on individuals who download from torrent sites. It’s a little excessive.

The reason for the crackdown on torrent sites, the simple answer is money and paranoia. It’s getting dangerous.

A little side note, soon it would become illegal to print your own documents and your work.

laptop update, man o man

Well, I have bad news, my webcam is damaged, ditto for my wireless laptop. I decided not to order a screen replacement. It’s not the software issue, but I might end up buying another laptop. Regarding my scrivener software, it works on my Linux.

Rather than risking more damage, I will leave it alone. I ordered a monitor, a wireless keyboard, and a webcam, hdmi cable, and usb 3.0 hub. To continue on writing with scrivener. I plan to get several external hard drives, more usb flash drives. Cloud storage is finicky, never use google drive in storing scrivener files. Google drive would corrupt your scrivener files.

I’m going have to move things around to make sure nothing drops on my upcoming monitor.

While at northern store, I inquired about available of my laptops, one of my cousin’s son told me that they have been waiting for their arrival since December 2015.

I received a call from Shoukat the tech/teacher, after taking a look at my computer, he said that its gone. He offered to trade up my computer for four hundred fifty dollars. But he offered to sell a spare laptop for five hundred dollars. I don’t know if its the earlier version of windows 8.1 or windows 8.0.

I would be pleased if windows 8.1 laptop arrived. From the looks of windows 10, it doesn’t look nice in my eyes.

My late mid-week check in ahoy there

ROW80LogocopyThis is my late midweek of ROW80 A Round of Word in 80 days. I must admit my had stalled again since Monday. I hit a snag, the screen of my laptop is damaged, flickering. But rather than chucking a functioning laptop. I ordered a monitor, HDMI cable and wireless keyboard. It should take about The upside, I reinstalled Linux on my old Toshiba laptop to somewhat agreeable usage, my scrivener files weren’t lost. Besides upgrade of my Internet, I got windows scrivener installed on Linux.

I held off watching YouTube and Netflix for after burning through 4.79GB. But realized that this April 11 to May 12 is the current cycle of 89.95 a month. So I will pay my current bill later.

Anyways back to writing. Anyways, it felt I neglected in responding to the other two. Meegwich, thanks for stopping by and offer a subtle nudge to write. As Chris and Eden both mentioned, it’s better to work on it and see where it leads. Who knows what’s in store for the FMC and MC. I must get back to writing, unless my muse had been moonlighting again.

The disadvantages of researching online is limited and watered down material.

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I am back, Sunday ROW80 check-in.

I am back, its been a while since I posted my blog. My writing has stalled again, lately I have been distracted. Been thinking about a few things.

Anyways since this my check in May 8, 2016, ROW80 days. I better get on to it.

I did some research on few things to pass the time. One of the few topics, gold silver, and gems. It’s not that surprising that world nations would hoard gold and silver just in case when the liquefied turd becomes a proverbial geysers.

Under advice of one person on facebook. I decided not to mention Bitcoin, and green dot in my WIP. There are inherit dangers to bitcoin and crypto currencies. One of them, could make you a target. Bitcoin is useless without a mobile device, internet connection and computer.

In some other parts of the world, gold and silver are used for bartering.   The whole point of possessing gold and silver, is to park one’s funds in form of an ingot. They were never meant for generating wealth or be used in investment.

Back to WIP, my mind had shifted north, muse shifted east, my writing chi had went south. My characters are collectively roaring in outrage for being neglected a long time.

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Late mid-week ROW80 check in

As usual I’m a day late, this is my final check in for December 24, 2015. There’s not much to report. It seems that I hit a wall in the writing department. The good news is that I have been reading. And reading adds fuel to the itch to write.

Rest assured readers who stumbled across my blog that I will be participating Round one aka next round. Sticks out tongue and let outs a loud toot.

A good friend Judy stated several times, that I ought to write short stories, considering that I have real interesting dreams. Helen also stated that i should write novellas and short stories.

Chow for now.

Late ROw80 check-in.

ROW80LogocopyAll right this is my late midweek ROW80 check-in for Wednesday December 12, 2015. Man, it’s been a while since I waltz in my blog. 2015 is an interesting year, who knows what 2016 will bring.

A little recap, after not finishing NaNoWriMo, I imported my scrivener NaNo project to my WIP. And it’s been a slow trickle.

Anyways, there’s not much of an update. My writing has been nagging at me for quite some time. I have been thinking of changing the character’s age from sixteen to eighteen. For starters it’s practicable and easier. Tweak a few things around and I’m good to go.

I have been downloading several random pictures. Mostly female for character notes on the scrivener.

After hanging around in Writing Night Quills chatzy chatroom for quite a while. Some thoughts are trickling into my noggin. I wonder if I should follow another chatzy user’s method to madness. Outline a bit and write when inspiration hits. I think it worked for her. Hopefully the muse won’t clobber me with an unexpected inspiration.

quick update and random stuff

All right this is a quick update. I decided to buy a wireless router from the local northern store. After reading the instructions, and installation. I was surprised that the wireless router worked on my local cable internet. Slow as my internet connection is. I password protect it. It will serve me well. when go the dining/living room, while my washer is running.

Second stage is to get an unlocked smartphone from online and sim card from K-net of which my internet and cable provider sells those items. The thing is, I would have to know if it’s compatible with their sim card. My older sister told me that the phones with touch screen sold locally are terrible and people had trouble with them. But the small ones with tiny screen help up better than smartphones.

It could be several factors, one, OS upgrade causing twitchiness of firmware, two, fluctuation of extreme cold, heat and humidity. Adding the toll of the mobile device. Below freezing temperature can drain your battery fast.

But with prepaid cells has some limits unlike cells under contract. With prepaid ones, getting cell reception can be infuriating at times. I estimate that I would use 5gb of data with prepaid cell.

Anyways back to wireless router. I took a liberty of using it to download updates for Kobo ereader. Lo-and-behold I hit a hiccup. And my drm-free epub and mobi ebooks weren’t being processed by my ebook reader. I did a factory settings reset and restart downloading updates in two stages. The second stage is going to be annoying. So it’s hooked up to my Kobo App software desktop downloading.

Update,  Knet mobile doesn’t offer data plans, it’s pay as you go.