ROW80 round Two goals

Round two of ROW80 is upon us again.

It has been an interesting months,  I got side tracked. My modem almost croaked on me. It would be friggin expensive to purchase a replacement from my local ISP.

Major Goal for this round is to work on my YA novel and work on other WIP.

  • Work on my YA novel, stitching in text and continue writing.
  • Read more books.
  • Order an external hard drive.
  • Continue on with day seventeen on the 100 day challenge.
  • Back up my WIP via several usb thumb drives and external hard drive.

Post April Camp NaNoWrimo

  • post April Camp NaNoWriMo send out my WIP to Beta Readers/Alpha readers. Via email and google drive.
  • Restart/continue with one of the three WIP of which, I had set aside in the back burner.
  • Continue utilizing the 100 day challenge to meet the one hundred to a thousand word count per a day, give or take.

Other than that I will have to write from the seat of my pants.

random stuff and my father’s bday

Camp NaNoWriMo is around the corner. There are two that I know of, one in April and another July. I will have to pick and choose which WIP to work on.

The YA novel that I’m still working on had kicked my mental butt. Then there’s ROW80 round two. How bout you ladies, gentlemen and those who don’t use labels. What are your writing goals.

On the other news, my father celebrated his seventy-ninth birthday. Unfortunately I didn’t bake him a cake. But I got him cooked whole hen, oranges and some sort of tea. It aint much. As a saying goes its better than nothing.

damn phishing and damn things.

For me, an email is a vital tool. I checked the spam section of my email section. And click on delete all spam messages. In my spam folder there’s an email from apple. That a purchased has been made by an apple ID.

Let me be clear, I never created an Apple ID, I didn’t sign up for it, nor that I installed Itunes on to my laptop. Hell, I don’t even own any products from apple.

From the looks of it, there’s a phishing attempt on my email account. As phishing goes, the email from apple looks legit. But its a fake. And a very good fake.

I phoned apple and asked them if anyone had created an apple ID by using my email account. They said they didn’t find any apple ID that matches my email. It’s annoying that people would do such a thing to other people.

Oh another thing, please do refrain posting a link to your personal store on my blog post via comment.  I’m sorry for being a little brisk. Many thanks

final check-in of ROW80 round 1, seeya soon round 2

This is my late mid-week check-in, final one for this round. I had missed my check-ins. Round two is around the corner, I will attend campwrimo along with ROW80 round two.

One of my online friends signed me up to the FB group 100 day writing challenge. The goal is to write 100 words or more in every day. I think I have found my motivation. It’s been somewhat helpful. Considering that I haven’t written anything, aside from this blog post.

With upcoming ROW80 round two, and campwrimo 2015, its going to writing from the seat off from my pants.

I will have to pick one of the WIP, and plop my scraggly butt firmly on the seat and write the damn thing. In loose translation, pick one of my WIP and write and stitch in the text.

Apriwrimo aka camp nanowrimo is a bit strict, ten thousand words a minimum.

Hopefully my internet connection won’t fog out on me.

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Late ROW80 check-in, Nuh

This is my late check in for March 11, 2015. It has been several slow weeks. It’s been a while since I posted a check in The upside, the weather is warming up nicely. Decent folks online, decent folks in my home town aka community. My writing is coming together slower than a snail’s pace.

Round one of ROW80, round is just around the corner.

Anyways speaking of writing. Stitching in text to several fragmented scenes is going all right, damn slow, but not too shabby. The sprints and prompts at google hangouts are helpful. As for stitching the opening pages, I had to chuck them out from both WIP. Well more like stuffing them in (what am I going to do with this ‘bin.)

In one of my WIP, I have a main character who is sixteen years of age. And YA is not easy genre to write. The definition of YA is when a main character is sixteen to eighteen years of age.

With my WIP, when it comes to sex scenes, it will have to fade to black aka cut the scene, before the hokey pokey, the groin tango, before the nipple biting action. Allow the reader’s imagination.

As for the other character aka the female aka the chick in the same WIP, my lips are not budging.

My late midweek check-in, random n booyah

This is my late check-in for Wednesday February 25, 2015. I don’t have to much to report. Other than shivering inside of my house. It seems February came and went, my mind was a bit confused to notify my lazy ass.

My writing had stalled again, I will have to get back in stitching more text for the beginning chapter, or a prologue. The opening pages are always hard to start and to fill in when the writing has begun.

Two days, I agreed to be one of my facebook friends beta reader. I took my reading her text, let it digest, ran it through online editor of Pro Writing Aid. Sure enough, the results came up, I was pleasantly surprised.

I had a feeling that I would have to divide document into two or three chapters at the time. Considering that the internet is friggin slow. It took ten to fifteen minutes for it to work its magic. Anything more than four chapters the online editor would stall.

Besides I had to resist editing her text, ergo dropping a bit of suggestions via comments on her google docs. After finish chapter six, I let my inner critic rest.

And go back to reading the ebook I purchased from for 0.00.

As general rule of thumb, is to get the first revision out of the way, or at least the first draft done, before using online version of pro writing aid. After her second revision I will run it through again.

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my day late check-in ROW80 sunday

This is my day late check in for February 15,2015. I have nothing to report at the moment, my writing comes and goes like the wind.

I couldn’t afford grammarly, the subscription is expensive. So on February 12,2015, I decided to go with Pro Writing Aid.

I was told to wait until I have the revisions out of the way before using it. Other than that, I think I will appreciate it. Oh another thing, I almost fudge it big time aka screwed up, when I purchased the plagiarism bundle first. Before purchasing one year subscription. 100 plagiarism checks for 20USD/25.06CAD. A year worth of subscription is 35USD/43.86CAD.

On Saturday February 14, one of the pipes under my house cracked, spewing out water, I managed to shut off the main valve to the water, but the water is still peeing away. The band Administration Office is closed today, I will have to head there tomorrow. And report the damage. Two things worry me, an ice rink under the house and the water heater tank burning out.

And another wrinkle, is that the plumber takes their sweet time, of which would be five business days, loose translation next week.

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My day late midweek-CHECK-IN for ROW80- booyah baby

This is my late check in for mid week ROW80 Round One. Well it has been an interesting year. Yesterday I helped a good friend folded some of his clothes, and packed his bathroom stuff in milk crate. I will miss him. I hope the best for him. As things goes, life is twitchy, we get over it.

As for my WIP, I have resume writing. I will have to stitch in some scenes in the beginning chapter. It has grammar errors and few other things. But that would be fixed, at the moment, more text is needed to be stitched and written.

It’s a slow go. Not much to report. Aside that I have been continuing on with my reading.

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A slight update on my female WIP

All right I decided to post a link of post about my WIP right here. I allowed it to sit in the back of my noggin. Good thing too.

Innocence by Vuelo  – DeviantArt

Innocence by Vuelo – DeviantArt

Quite surprising the quick sprints and prompts I attended at google hangouts and chatzy had produced interesting fruits, though scant they may be. Nevertheless fruits of writing. In regards to few of WIP. The current one, I just dug out of my noggin.

The one I mentioned some years back about the main female protagonist, there’s a change, the main protagonist would be male. The female protagonist I mentioned in 2013 would still be there. The same universe, different cast of characters. But it would feature a sixteen year old male protagonist.

I understood what my friend Jeff once said in regards to what to the tale. And Fawn also gave me a bit of pointers. As Mandy once said, that you need at least a minimum of five beta readers/alpha readers.

My day late check in, i think im back

Again this is my day late ROW80 check-in for February. I’m way behind, there’s not much to report. I got a little sidetracked.

Anyways as a general saying goes when it comes to fiction. Stick with everyday man/something that is familiar/relatable protagonist. Of the stuff I had read, protagonists aka MC/Main Characters are mostly white aka Caucasian. I’m not complaining. It’s a simple fact.

Though my writing has its own ebbs and flows, sometimes disappearing on occasion.

Internet is little narcoleptic at times, no news there. Generally it stabilizes, I think the twitchiness started in May or April of 2014.

The temperature in February is friggin cold, I had to turn on my portal ceramic heater. But the weather would warm up nicely.

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