My late midweek check-in, random n booyah

This is my late check-in for Wednesday February 25, 2015. I don’t have to much to report. Other than shivering inside of my house. It seems February came and went, my mind was a bit confused to notify my lazy ass.

My writing had stalled again, I will have to get back in stitching more text for the beginning chapter, or a prologue. The opening pages are always hard to start and to fill in when the writing has begun.

Two days, I agreed to be one of my facebook friends beta reader. I took my reading her text, let it digest, ran it through online editor of Pro Writing Aid. Sure enough, the results came up, I was pleasantly surprised.

I had a feeling that I would have to divide document into two or three chapters at the time. Considering that the internet is friggin slow. It took ten to fifteen minutes for it to work its magic. Anything more than four chapters the online editor would stall.

Besides I had to resist editing her text, ergo dropping a bit of suggestions via comments on her google docs. After finish chapter six, I let my inner critic rest.

And go back to reading the ebook I purchased from for 0.00.

As general rule of thumb, is to get the first revision out of the way, or at least the first draft done, before using online version of pro writing aid. After her second revision I will run it through again.

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my day late check-in ROW80 sunday

This is my day late check in for February 15,2015. I have nothing to report at the moment, my writing comes and goes like the wind.

I couldn’t afford grammarly, the subscription is expensive. So on February 12,2015, I decided to go with Pro Writing Aid.

I was told to wait until I have the revisions out of the way before using it. Other than that, I think I will appreciate it. Oh another thing, I almost fudge it big time aka screwed up, when I purchased the plagiarism bundle first. Before purchasing one year subscription. 100 plagiarism checks for 20USD/25.06CAD. A year worth of subscription is 35USD/43.86CAD.

On Saturday February 14, one of the pipes under my house cracked, spewing out water, I managed to shut off the main valve to the water, but the water is still peeing away. The band Administration Office is closed today, I will have to head there tomorrow. And report the damage. Two things worry me, an ice rink under the house and the water heater tank burning out.

And another wrinkle, is that the plumber takes their sweet time, of which would be five business days, loose translation next week.

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My day late midweek-CHECK-IN for ROW80- booyah baby

This is my late check in for mid week ROW80 Round One. Well it has been an interesting year. Yesterday I helped a good friend folded some of his clothes, and packed his bathroom stuff in milk crate. I will miss him. I hope the best for him. As things goes, life is twitchy, we get over it.

As for my WIP, I have resume writing. I will have to stitch in some scenes in the beginning chapter. It has grammar errors and few other things. But that would be fixed, at the moment, more text is needed to be stitched and written.

It’s a slow go. Not much to report. Aside that I have been continuing on with my reading.

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A slight update on my female WIP

All right I decided to post a link of post about my WIP right here. I allowed it to sit in the back of my noggin. Good thing too.

Innocence by Vuelo  – DeviantArt

Innocence by Vuelo – DeviantArt

Quite surprising the quick sprints and prompts I attended at google hangouts and chatzy had produced interesting fruits, though scant they may be. Nevertheless fruits of writing. In regards to few of WIP. The current one, I just dug out of my noggin.

The one I mentioned some years back about the main female protagonist, there’s a change, the main protagonist would be male. The female protagonist I mentioned in 2013 would still be there. The same universe, different cast of characters. But it would feature a sixteen year old male protagonist.

I understood what my friend Jeff once said in regards to what to the tale. And Fawn also gave me a bit of pointers. As Mandy once said, that you need at least a minimum of five beta readers/alpha readers.

My day late check in, i think im back

Again this is my day late ROW80 check-in for February. I’m way behind, there’s not much to report. I got a little sidetracked.

Anyways as a general saying goes when it comes to fiction. Stick with everyday man/something that is familiar/relatable protagonist. Of the stuff I had read, protagonists aka MC/Main Characters are mostly white aka Caucasian. I’m not complaining. It’s a simple fact.

Though my writing has its own ebbs and flows, sometimes disappearing on occasion.

Internet is little narcoleptic at times, no news there. Generally it stabilizes, I think the twitchiness started in May or April of 2014.

The temperature in February is friggin cold, I had to turn on my portal ceramic heater. But the weather would warm up nicely.

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A quick recap and my qik thoughts on teachers and school board

A quick recap on what I had posted earlier. When it comes to drawing and keeping teachers, you need incentive for the teachers to stay. If I were a member of the school board, one of the incentives would be free Internet for the teachers. I don’t mean just free Internet, I mean Internet that is reliable and convenient for the teachers. With Vezina high school, they would need at least a minimum of fifteen teachers and TA (Teaching Assistants) would also be a nice addition.

From what I heard that school board had fired one of the teachers earlier. But a good friend of mine had his classroom signed a petition, he got rehired but the teacher left.

Firing my teacher friend just because he was depressed, is extreme. If he were unionized, he’d be working yesterday. By Monday I will make a phone call, and ask them if they could reinstate them, and argue that the highschool staff would overwhelmed.

I am certain that Dave would find something, it’s a shame that things had happened the way they did. Stress can turn to depression. Considering that he has a lot on plate, paying alimony, supporting his kids, daily work, not to mention night school.

Of course, I will miss visiting Dave and giving Fluffy treats, when Dave leaves for home. I had a feeling that something like this would happen, and it seems it has.

I’m back, sorry about that

I am back sorry I think I neglected my ROW80 check ins. It’s been a while since I posted a blog, the internet is still twitchy nothing new there. Even though I can still log on to this blog. But I will have catch on in responding comments.

It has been an interesting start of 2015. One of which a good friend of mine was let go.

I admit that I was surprised to find out that my friend Dave, was fired from his teaching job. Due to depression and being overworked. I find it extreme for a school board firing someone who is depressed.

I noted that there’s no incentive for teachers to stay. Understandably the teachers at highschool are understaffed and overworked. The downside of working here, is that there are no unions here and you would have to make due.

a day late check in row80-random thoughts

This is my day late check in of ROW80 round one. I missed the first week of checking in. As things go they have a way of happening. Mentally, in all honesty I’m pissed, After I just found that my father had an infection near his old surgical scar. Piecing together via eavesdropping of what the nurse was saying on the phone.

A quick recap, the previous Friday my attendance in google hangout was abysmal, Internet kept going out. I missed several writing prompt exercises.

During one of my writing my prompts exercise, my cousin picked a hell of time to bug me something about his facebook, via messaging.

More than week ago, err, well the same day, I took the liberty of renaming one of my scrivener projects. Going with the Main Character’s name as a label for my scrivener project folder.

After storyboard, taking notes via scrivener had came to screeching halt. My word count for this week had been skimpy.

An interesting 2015 indeed

All right, 2015 has been a start of interesting year, Target decided to close all of its 133 stores, Sony is closing shop in two months, transitioning to an online store and through third party dealers. The upside, deals from third party retailers, the downside, I can’t order from Best Buy, they don’t ship their orders up here, the standard shipping of WalMart Canada, is still friggin expensive.

As for Target Canada, its rather unfortunate that they didn’t offer online retail site. It would have made life of a northerner easier on the wallet. As businesses go, they sometimes pull up their stakes and leave.

More than a few nights ago, my father and uncle both were afraid. I was told that bigfoot-like creature was close to town. In regards to the certain two legged fiend, old folks of my generation once said that you can feels it presence. If I remember correctly bigfoot or bigfoot-like creature often times will peek through window. Either to scare someone, or look at future menu.

Just recently there was sighting of polar bears near this town. There was a post on local church channel via cable, issuing a warning. But I didn’t see the posting on channel 11. It’s a safe bet that the local hunters were on it.

Im late again, MY ROW80 checkin, round 1

ROW80LogocopyThis is my midweek check-in of ROW80 day two. It will be a quick post. I’m late again, my mind have drawn a blank. It’s 2015 and start of round one of ROW80. It has been an interesting year, I made a new FB friend.

I have a learn a few things, I didn’t know what a ghost was. Basically a ghost is a government agent that “don’t exist” officially. With no records, no background history, no family, no SNN, no nothing. They do missions, where no one or no thing could be traced back to them, or be used against them.

One of my recent FB friend, who’s married to US soldier. Also said that they have presidential clearance with all organizations.

I also discovered that the CIA and FBI have a tendency to dislike sharing information with each other. Another thing, she said that the ghosts work for the military. Of which I’m assuming that they wipe out records, so no trace of his/her deed. I will have to look at my notes later on.

I will be attending Google hangouts again on this Saturday, for writing prompts. Hopefully my internet would hold.

My goals for this round. Well I will have to wing again.

  • Blogging.
  • Writing on my current WIP along with several others.
  • Have my Natural Reader software read me the text. So that I would catch any text.
  • Reading more books.
  • Chat with Bill and others.
  • Possibly sending in my WIP for beta/alpha reading, when ready for beta/alpha reading.