They shut down the network that allows K-Net phones to receive verification codes

Back in the day we used to get the verification codes from Microsoft, Facebook and other online accounts. While 2G network was gradually replaced to 3G network. My first assumption was that my WIFI caused some interference preventing my phone receiving verification codes.

To my annoyance, my cellular network provider told me that it’s impossible for me to receive verification code on my K-Net Mobile number. They said that they turned off the feature, according to them people were complaining about receiving the spam text. She suggested that I use another mobility cell provider. I had to bite my tongue, not to use strong language. Since there are no other providers available in a remote community. And using another network provider

The receptionist transferred me to K-Net Technician. He mentioned that they are thinking of reactivating the network. I’m hopeful that their answer would be yes. But I’m not holding my breath

My late Sunday check in, ahoy there

This my late Sunday Check in and I’m a day late. I skipped the mid week check in.

What’s been happening since my last bog post. Not much, aside from my researching slowed to a crawl. This is my quick update and here is my tally, no words were written yet, aside from notes and random ideas being jotted down.

I tend to switch Atomic scribbler and Libre Office on two different laptops. Somewhat jarring to write from scratch on ole macbook air that was given to me in late 2018. Atomic scribbler is not available on MacOS. But I make due with what’s available.

Life has habit of tossing us to a curb. My online friend had hit two snags, she dropped her phone and the blasted thing shattered. I believe she transferred recent number to a fresh phone. And she lost her manuscripts. I’m not sure if she recovered her writings.

Unfortunately no 3G network in my area yet

Unfortunately, we’re still on a 2G network, no word yet on when we would get 3G. I never receive any text from Microsoft, Amazon and Twitter, no matter how many ways I tried. My wireless carrier doesn’t support premium SMS text. It’s pay as you, meaning I have to make sure that I still have funds in K-Net mobile account. At least there’s one gig of data plan ready to go when 3G network is available.

The three major wireless carriers agreed to lower data plans, but consumer group is not happy. Not to call the major wireless carriers cheap bastards. I will let the comment speak for itself.

The CRTC AKA Canadian and Radio Telecommunications Commission had ordered the three National Wireless carriers to come up data plans only to fill in the void in the marketplace. Slim offerings for the consumers, fifteen dollars for 250MB a month on a data plan, and that’s the best offer so far.

Sunday Check in Round 1

Good morning and good afternoon fellow ROW80ers. This SUnday check in, and I am a day late as usual, got some things brewing in my noggin. I may have to order notebooks to scribble random stuff, save those composition notebooks for special occasions.

Long hand writing is an fading art form. Pretty soon it will be art fart code for us ladies and folks who still enjoy the tactile sensation of writing.
Digging more into the rabbit trail of conspiracy theories and facts. A weapon that can target an object a mile deep under ground and vaporized the damn thing. Pus it’s plausible and already had happened of which the corrupt politicians sold and traded American military Secrets and resources. Pre-Trump Administration era.

Anyways back to writing, my modest report of these goals.

  • Blogging
  • Writing
  • Researching

My research had bore some interesting tidbits. As for the female characters, I’m heading back to Ellen Ripley from Alien and Aliens as a loose template for my female character. To me, it fits like a glove, makes the female character strong with a touch of snarkiness, rather than acting like a douche bag. And a possible female character who suffer from Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome.

My blog is in LibreOffice document in a Macbook air, of which I will have to import it to Atomic Scribbler.

Round one check in 1st part II

Good evening, this is my first check in for ROW80 round one. I am a bit late. My goals.

·And trying out a few new things

I haven’t been writing, though researching bore fruit. Interesting tidbits and random facts. They say that researching leads to hair raising details. Sometimes, I wish that I hadn’t gone into that rabbit trail. But then again, it leaves the weird aftertaste in one’s noggin. Conspiracy theories and facts. It made me wonder if the government and our own military would kill us civilians.

Anyways back to writing. In somewhere in my notebook, I wrote that a young girl lost her breast after someone shot her with gun. Brutal, oh yes indeed. But worth exploring.

First Check in ROW80 round 1

Ahoy there and howdy. It’s good to back writing and blogging. What are my plans for A Round of Word in 80 Days 2019? Not sure where to go on the writing journey, but at the moment, I will continue on with my current WIP.

For starters I’m on another document processor called Atomic Scribbler. It’s decent enough for blogging and writing.

My Sasquatch story had fallen flat on it face and I might pick up one of my other several unfinished WIP during this round.

A FB friend of mine suggested that I watched Darker than Black anime. The concept of paying a price of using one’s power is interesting. A common theme in several works of fiction.

Recap Mobile Network

We don’t have Major Mobile Carriers in twenty-five FN communities. All twenty-four have 3G network with data plan. With every prepaid plan, it’s a good idea to have at least 2GB and connect to Wi-Fi.

Keewaytinook Okimakanak Mobile AKA K-Net Mobile is First Nation run service provider, pay as you go. 4.00 gives you unlimited SMS/text and 12.00 monthly charge. But no data plans available in my area without the 3G network. Less than a month ago, I tested the radius of the 2G network, while walking around in the outskirts, close to two miles is decent. Considering that it’s a short hike, I had to keep my eyes out for bears, wolves and local Sasquatches. All right, the bars held to a degree.

Around this mid-morning I phoned K-Net Mobile, the secretary informed me that tests are being conducted in my hometown. From her estimation, the latest that 3G network would finally be available in this Rez would be around this December. I routinely turn off Wi-Fi on my mobile, to see if data plans are working and nothing.

After inputting my mobile number, and failed attempts to receive SMS/text from my bank. I deleted the mobile number from my profile. Left my landline home phone and email there.

I’m back, ROW80 midweek check in

Ahoy there, this is my late midweek check in. I haven’t been around during Round Two of ROW80. My mind is on other things, and the internet sometimes gives the middle finger.

The Sasquatch story had fallen to the way. I read the first book of the Dune series by Frank Herbert.

My other WIP, I haven’t got the female snark quite exactly right, without the sassiness I find annoying in movies and series. Snark and sassiness are two different things.
I continued on with a tale that features MMC when he was sixteen. More than six months ago, a friend insisted that I watch One punch man anime, Rogue One and the Iron Giant on Netflix. The anime is pretty good.

It seems that there are transgender characters in both of my WIP, not sure why. But in the second, well the first one that became sort of sequel, the older woman is once a man. I admit it’s a cliche and I don’t like being told to write within my own box.

I will participate this July Camp NaNoWriMo, hopefully my internet will be stable. Ideas and writing flow during the morning or burning beyond midnight.

bullet points and random thoughts about pedophilia and cannibalism

Judging from the statistics, people go missing everyday. Whether it be pedophilia, harvesting of internal organs or some evil thing.

Pedophilia is a common evil in the world. The depraved minds consider blue eyed fair haired children ideal victims. It is a disturbing thought, that certain groups of people are pushing legalized sex with infants, toddlers and children. The dumbest thing that people would do is to demand more laws, rather than enforcing the existing ones.

Back to the defilement of the human body. Adrenochrome is a substance sought after by elites and various demented bastards. They harvest it from the dead victims after being terrorized and tortured, mostly small children. Women are also the ideal victims. From what I determined that it is addictive and overtime it defiles the individual. Once that his/her dark nature surfaces, it would be like looking at the eyes of the Wendigo.

It’s been said that cannibalism is a curse, to certain Christians, it is a form of judgement sent by God himself. In the days when game is scarce, cannibalism is like a seasonal cold, like an ebb and the flow of the evil tide. It’s kill or be eaten. You can’t reason with them, just fight and take flight. Eating human flesh is a taboo according to the elders of old, for good reasons. There is the foul spirit called the Wendigo and those who are afflicted with a curse.

It made sense that people who aspire to be actors, disappear once they reached hollywood. I had a chitchat with friend on the phone about this subject and the individuals who eat human flesh. According to him, it can’t be cabin fever, so something is up. I didn’t know at the time, regarding adrenochrome and how it’s harvested.