Monitor causing issue with my laptop

All right, I figured out why there was hardware error. It turns out that my desktop monitor has caused issues. So far so good, my files and my work remained.

A weird thing is that it’s an LCD monitor 21.5 W TFT, connected with HDMI. I disconnected ASUS monitor from my laptop.

Either that I would get an HP monitor or use my ASUS monitor when watching flicks on a laptop. I turned off my external keyboard for a time being. My eyes readjusted to the fifteen inch laptop screen.

I will have to rotate using and not using my ASUS computer monitor. It would be less of headache.

My midweek checkin – ahoy there again

ROW80LogocopyThis is my late check in for Wednesday September 21st 2016. I have written little although I remembered a few things that my father told me. I will mention it later on and revisit the subject.

Anyways according to our chief ROW80er, we will link our blogs via facebook group ROW80. NO more linking blogs to linky. But the main ROW80 blog won’t disappear, it will be static. Some of us old schoolers will continue posting blogs. And you’ll continue to hear well read my ramblings on this digital realm.

All right, on to some juicier stuff.

There are terrifying aspects to the monstrous hairy giant, a bigger and nastier version of sasquatch. Sasquatch is pipsqueak compared to the cannibalistic demon.

Some Cree elders say it bit off its own fingertips and lips. Giving it a gruesome countenance to behold.

Encountering it usually ends in death, once you hear its slow rhythmic heartbeat, following the awful stench. You’ll feel an overwhelming sense of terror when it’s nearby.

When creature blows on a person’s face, the victim forgets the encounter. But when an individual encounter it again, the pure terror and mixture of the memory would be his last.

There are two ways that the beast kills, either decapitation or by shrieking. When the fiend shrieks, everyone drops dead. I mean, literally everyone drops dead. It collects victims going house to house and eat them on the spot by tearing off limbs.

I doubt that it’s a wendigo. Stranger things had happened in this world. People can and became literal demons. That will be another topic.

See ya next round.

My Sunday check-in, redo, oh boy indeed

ROW80LogocopyThis is my late Sunday check in for Sunday September 11, 2016 and I am a day late once again. ROW80 round three. September 22, 2016, is at hand. I will continue posting link to blog for my ROW80 check ins, even though we ROW80ers will lurk around at ROW80 Facebook group. But there’s plenty of time left to mess around and type away.

I’m going off topic, a city and a town are two different things. A Rez aka First Nation Reserve differs from a small town, for starters its less restrictive. A person can push out loaf in the in the bushes, but be forewarned your dog will roll on it, after taking a whiff of one’s turd. My hometown, I live in is safe and quiet, though there are issues with break-ins, theft and arson. Occasional wildlife, such bears, polar bears and wolves lurking in the outskirts. Occasionally, a bear will waltz into town and that’s when dogs will howl and bark. Dog’s are not fond of bears, especially black bears. In winter time, wolves would stroll into town for pooch booty, ergo half-wolf breeds.

Aboriginal dog owners sometimes take precautions in protecting their four-legged friends from wolves, by letting them ride shotgun.

All right back to business at hand. My writing had trickled, a few drops of words. My mind has been rattling about. As a saying goes, you can’t please everyone. Of which is true and a cliche. Trying too hard to be inclusive in writing will be tedious. Real tedious. It’s like playing a game of catch with fifty pound parcels. Dropping it means instant disqualification. A simple advice is let the words flow and everything will drop into place.

The beauty of writing is that you can do anything. Write an interesting character and have him/her snuffed out.

Anyways check out other ROW80ers.

My late midweek ROW80 check in

This my late mid week ROW80 check in and I’m running late. Aside from blogging and reading, I haven’t been writing. But I have been googling online. Looking for tidbit of random juicy information to fuel my imagination.

Folks online are generous when the ladies offered to mail notebooks after that I mentioned notebooks prices are outrageous. The offer is genuine, and it brought a smile to my face.

Just this afternoon after my HP laptop downloaded and installed an update. My Google Chrome became wonky, “aw snap” is on every page, even on settings page. I figured out something after doing a mental Kabuki theatre. Presto, my Google Chrome works. Sometimes you need to restart your computer the second time after the updates shimmy their way through the computer. The upside, I can use this damn browser for netflix, google docs and youtube. It pays to have several browsers, I use firefox and Google Chrome.

Back to my random musings. Depending on your mood, sometimes you need to add a touch of inanity in your WIP. Sasquatch walks out of the woods, stops and stares at you, saying. “Damn nosy of you.” And continues on walking.

Or another one, a man answers his mobile, a man with demonic laughter, cackling away. “Um, I need that recipe,” and he receives, a text, HA! HEE!! HO! And the dude switches to chitchat on phone, the man on the other line laughs hysterically in demonic fashion. “Okay-” The phone disconnects, the dude shudders. “Damn evil jolly son of a bitch!”
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Ahoy there maties, my mid week check in

row80logocopyHere’s my ROW80 check in of September 4, 2016. I haven’t written anything since my last Wednesday ROW80 check-in. Research has been sporadic. On some news, I picked up a self published ebook from kindle and several books from different sources.

Going off topic. There are many vampire novels written, but I’m certain that someone can write a tale about an evil tree, a lamia, a demonic entity. A fallen angel can manifest as a man or a woman. Angelic beings are referred to sons of God. there are novels that feature fallen angels. A demonic entity in physical form is a nasty sucker, while a lamia can kill the unfortunate individual, she can present herself as an attractive woman or something out of horror survival video game. People say that staring directly at a demon and a demonic entity can turn a person’s hair to shade of alabaster.

Back to where I was, not much has been happening in my noggin. I glanced on what I had scribbled in my notebook, writing is cramped, I really need to get more notebooks. But I don’t have access to dollarama and WalMart store, price of stationary sold on Amazon and other online retailers is frigging outrageous. Ten dollars for a flimsy thin notebook, no thank you. My hometown is accessible by plane only, and a plane ticket cost an arm and leg one way from here to Timmins, Ontario. Everything is expensive locally thanks to fuel and shipping costs.

Dave, once told me to go on self publishing route, rather than traditional route.

This has been my check in, hope to see you again, and here’s the other ROW80ers.

My midweek check in, bah bah, yeah

ROW80LogocopyThis is my late check in for Wednesday August 31, 2016. I missed Sunday’s check in, no surprise there. I figured that it’s a good time to compose blog via Google docs. But the downside of Google Docs is the Voice Typing. Words come out different whenever I flapped my tongue. Buggy as hell, and my internet is not one hundred percent aka internet outage.

A quick recap. Sometime around April of 2016, an online friend of mine has started a publishing company called Northern Voices Publications. He offered to publish me when I finish my WIP. I think I may get a short story written and publish with him, to get my feet while I continue writing.

All right back to writing. I haven’t research on World War Two and World War One. But WWII was one of the dangerous eras of human history, the Nazis and the Axis had almost won.

Another of my online friend had once stated that I should pull back my story to nineteen twenties or even nineteen seventy. I figured it might be worth experimenting it. It’s going to take some readjustment. But I don’t to write a fan-fiction from my own WIP.

correction: I don’t want to write fan-fiction from my own WIP

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mid week checkin

row80logocopyThis is my late ROW80 check in for Wednesday August 24, 2016. Good crap, it has been a while since I wrote in this blog. I missed the Sunday Check-in. The finish line of Round three of A Round of Worlds in 80 days is close at hand.

I remember reading somewhere, stating to make every word count, stitch and weave. Well paraphrasing it on my part. Writing has been sparse in these past months, occasional spurt of words appearing in documents. I have been seriously considering in writing Novellas, it’s not surprising that George R R Martin’s Game of Thrones is novellas string together as one book, Several people had suggested that I go in that route. Who knows? The novella can become a full-length novel and so forth. Helen and Darlene had tried to nudge to write novellas and short stories. Rather than twiddling my thumbs and angering my muse. I should get cracking.

All right, a quick detour, I had a slight hiccup with my laptop. After resetting my laptop to original factory default settings, I sat patiently until 5:30AM. After waking up around 7AM, my laptop in sleep mode. The results are less desired, so its second time around. Once that updates are installed, I would wait until tomorrow to play watch YouTube Videos. In the meantime, it would be typing away and blogging away offline without my favourite document processor, scrivener and Libre Office. And no music and videos until everything is update. But the downside, it had taken eight hours for the updates to be completed. However, I recovered one of my activation licenses for scrivener. Giving me about two activation.

On my top list of things to purchase in random order. Footwear, dog food, external hard drive and a few other things. Even though my hydro bill arrived late this August. I was pleasantly surprised that my hydro bill is 68.73. As the climate and weather mood changes, it would be frosty in the mornings and at night time. And soon I would harvest dried grass for my dog’s bedding for cold winter months. Good thing that there’s some dried grass that I gathered spring Late August of 2016. It would hold him until when it becomes cold. Some folks use spruce boughs to keep their dogs

Back to writing. As others had mention give characters clay feet, don’t make them too powerful. As a friend once said, make the character hard to kill, rather than making the antagonist invincible.

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I’m back, ahoy there ROW80ers

ROW80LogocopyThis is my late ROW80 check in for August 17, 2016. My goodness it’s almost end of round three, well half way there. Time has flown by quickly.

My writing had stalled, though there had been spurts of words appearing on my document. And my blog is somewhat behind.

I researched online on subjects I find interesting. Did you know that when a person is under major demonic possession. His or her features often change or twist, eyes become jet black with no white. And the possessed individual in question often snarl or let out throaty inhuman growl.

And several theories about fairies being the 200 million men army mentioned in the passage of the bible. Jet black eyes, hair of that of women, male faces, teeth like lions, and scorpion stingers on the end of their tails, wings as thundering hooves in battle.

That last part piqued my curiosity once more. After looking up youtube videos, I found something interesting. Humming bird’s wings. That the wings of the tiny critter sounds like a mini version of a weed whacker.

I must get back to writing, and check out the other ROWers. Chow

ROW80 check-in, a day late again

This is my midweek ROW80 check-in and I am a day late. All right onto my quick update, just yesterday, I  wrote another draft. This draft would be in the same universe as old almost forgotten WIP. It’s a slow getting there.

Ever since I upgraded my ISP, using an online editor of pro-writing-aid has made editing smoother.

Okay back to where I was, I haven’t settled on the age of the main character. Thirty-two sounds about the right age. But being tight-lipped regarding my draft, who knows.

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Ahoy there, ROW80 check in indeed

ROW80LogocopyThis is my late ROW80 check-in for May 22, 2016. I almost forgot that it’s Sunday. One of my online friends, Frank is starting small publishing company. So I will get back to writing.

While Googling online, my mind was pinging back and forth regarding the current WIP. As for my other WIP, they’re still in the back burner once again.

Good news, my monitor, USB 3.0 port hub, wireless keyboard and HDMI cable had arrived a few days ago. My computer still works why chuck the laptop away while it’s still good.

Back to writing, I did more research on several topics. One of them, gold and silver. Selling gold and silver in bars is close to impossible, with or without tracking number. Plopping a single gold bar on counter would raise questions. Precious metals in small sticks and 100 gram are easily traded or sold. I don’t know about 10 Tola gold bar. It’s possible.

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