Late mid-week ROW80 check in

As usual I’m a day late, this is my final check in for December 24, 2015. There’s not much to report. It seems that I hit a wall in the writing department. The good news is that I have been reading. And reading adds fuel to the itch to write.

Rest assured readers who stumbled across my blog that I will be participating Round one aka next round. Sticks out tongue and let outs a loud toot.

A good friend Judy stated several times, that I ought to write short stories, considering that I have real interesting dreams. Helen also stated that i should write novellas and short stories.

Chow for now.

Late ROw80 check-in.

ROW80LogocopyAll right this is my late midweek ROW80 check-in for Wednesday December 12, 2015. Man, it’s been a while since I waltz in my blog. 2015 is an interesting year, who knows what 2016 will bring.

A little recap, after not finishing NaNoWriMo, I imported my scrivener NaNo project to my WIP. And it’s been a slow trickle.

Anyways, there’s not much of an update. My writing has been nagging at me for quite some time. I have been thinking of changing the character’s age from sixteen to eighteen. For starters it’s practicable and easier. Tweak a few things around and I’m good to go.

I have been downloading several random pictures. Mostly female for character notes on the scrivener.

After hanging around in Writing Night Quills chatzy chatroom for quite a while. Some thoughts are trickling into my noggin. I wonder if I should follow another chatzy user’s method to madness. Outline a bit and write when inspiration hits. I think it worked for her. Hopefully the muse won’t clobber me with an unexpected inspiration.

quick update and random stuff

All right this is a quick update. I decided to buy a wireless router from the local northern store. After reading the instructions, and installation. I was surprised that the wireless router worked on my local cable internet. Slow as my internet connection is. I password protect it. It will serve me well. when go the dining/living room, while my washer is running.

Second stage is to get an unlocked smartphone from online and sim card from K-net of which my internet and cable provider sells those items. The thing is, I would have to know if it’s compatible with their sim card. My older sister told me that the phones with touch screen sold locally are terrible and people had trouble with them. But the small ones with tiny screen help up better than smartphones.

It could be several factors, one, OS upgrade causing twitchiness of firmware, two, fluctuation of extreme cold, heat and humidity. Adding the toll of the mobile device. Below freezing temperature can drain your battery fast.

But with prepaid cells has some limits unlike cells under contract. With prepaid ones, getting cell reception can be infuriating at times. I estimate that I would use 5gb of data with prepaid cell.

Anyways back to wireless router. I took a liberty of using it to download updates for Kobo ereader. Lo-and-behold I hit a hiccup. And my drm-free epub and mobi ebooks weren’t being processed by my ebook reader. I did a factory settings reset and restart downloading updates in two stages. The second stage is going to be annoying. So it’s hooked up to my Kobo App software desktop downloading.

Update,  Knet mobile doesn’t offer data plans, it’s pay as you go.

back again, sorry im late and random stuff

All right, sorry that I haven’t been around. My word count is pitiful about 4430, not my best, it seems that I had too much on my mind. On all seriousness, I will have to step up my game. So much for using three different Work in Progresses (WIP) to fill in my NaNoWriMo quota.

The good news is that I think I know where I’m heading.

On the other news, I almost resurrected my old Toshiba Satellite laptop, with an old hard drive of which, I decided to reuse. After installing the operating system the first time, it froze upon restarting. The second attempt was also not good. It produce an unwanted resulted. It showed hidden files on my external hard drive and my usb thumb drive. Of which I hated seeing trash folder, desktop.ini and system folder. I found out that my laptop’s hardware had issues with linux mint. It could be graphics driver.

The operating system is Linux mint 17.2 Rafaela Cinnamon 64bit.
The downside of linux distro that there are compatibility issues with hardware. Linux Mint 17.2 is surprisingly easy. I had activate the firewall ran the updates. After said done of which took me half the night. Same old issue with hidden files being shown not once, but twice.

back again, sunday check-in booyah

This is my check-in for Sunday November 8, 2015. I have been long absent. Sorry about that. Things were a little tedious. It had been an interesting start, internet outages. The longest was five days, then I was able to update my laptop. Then after updating the internet went down, after two days it was back.
Speaking of NaNo, I had a rough start of first three nights of NaNoWriMo. But since then my word count has rose bit by bit, now the total word count is 1897.

I did however worked on several of WIP which I labelled on first name basis of MC. I went back to the female character Amara and three other MC and continued typing away. Originally she didn’t appear, it was during in the WriMo that she pop into the story. By the time of NaNoWriMo 2013 was over, I became fond of her.

As for other female character, I think she’s a tough nut to crack in regards to sympathize or empathize with her.
Anyways I should get back to writing, chow.

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Late midweek check in. ROW80 n random thought

ROW80LogocopyAll right. I’m back, sorry about that, this is my late check in for October 28, 2015. And I am running late again.  NaNoWriMo is just days away and yes I would be participating. My word count has been NIL. Well it’s not a total loss, I had taken a detour of a bit of random researching.

Here’s a little tidbit that you might be familiar with, from personal observation batteries lose power quicker in cold temperature. Batteries doesn’t like temperature below minus fifteen degrees Celsius.  The batteries would be dead, void of juice, if exposed to vacuum space aka outer space.

Aside from my research, I tried out several fonts. Theano Modern font, Theano Didot and Theano Old Style. I like the modern font, I will use it for blog posts and random typing.

Okay back to writing and research, there’s an obscure school of thought. If you’re familiar with angels who descend to earth and taken wives for themselves. And produce progeny half angel/celestial and half human aka nephilim.  From bits and pieces mentally taped together. Their progeny were big suckers, think Titans of Greek Mythology.  But the women weren’t the only ones they messed around with. If I remembered reading bits online that the fallen watchers did some sort of Bestiality with two hundred animals of different variety.

So cutting to the ending quickly.  After the dear ole pops of monstrosities watched their half human offspring kill each other.  The two hundred watchers that fell, were punished and chained in a special compartment of hell, Tartarus. Their wives though not innocent victims, were also punished and transformed into sirens. And sirens of classical Greek Mythology were part birds.

If I remember correctly, there’s a passage in the bible that refers women with stork wings as evil. Naturally storks in the bible are considered unclean. So going back to the obscure theory, fallen angels feminizing themselves, so they would fool around human men, ergo producing earth-born monstrosities.  If it were indeed the case, I think, it’s a safe bet that the human men were pussy whipped and manipulated. (If not familiar with that term, please google pussy whip and pussy whipped.)

But several things continue to nag at me, why on earth would a fallen angel want to get pregnant and give birth to an offspring. Is it a momentary Venus envy, curiosity or are they just plain freakish. So that’s just one obscure theory that is rarely talked about.

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Ahoy there Round 4 2015

Ding, ding, Round four 2015 is all ready here.

Considering that I’m running late again. I will keep this brief. Last round didn’t go well as I had planned. In fact there were the usual hiccups, constant internet outages, not to mention writing blocks popping up unexpectedly. Internet outages can sometimes last a week, in other times half a day or night.

It would be business as usual. First leg of this round is a bit of catching up. Mad dash of NaNoWriMo our on and off again lover.
My writing goals.

  • Work on several of my WIP, before November starts. Write at least a minimum of twenty minutes.
  • Continue on with lite researching.
  • Possibly write from scratch when NaNoWriMo begins.
  • Post NaNoWriMo continue on writing on my several Works in Progress.
  • Two of my non-writing goals is to blog and read.

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Last midweek check-in of ROW80

I made it by the hair of my nostrils, damn painful I might add. This is my last check-in for Round Three of ROW80: A ROW80LogocopyRound of words in 80 days. Hello Round Four of ROW80. I’m not sure if I would prep before NaNoWriMo 2015. I found out that this October is the month of preparing before November’s mad dash.

There’s not much to brag about my writing. Still in its snail pace mode. However I pulled up several of my old WIP that I had recovered from my old USB thumb drive, more than a year ago. Not to mention that my work in progress fell into the cracks of this Round. I think I might work on one of those, depending on how things rolls.

On a quick note, I downloaded an ebook from Kindle; The Cure, a horror novel by JG Faherty. I’m half way through, I will read it later on. After finishing that ebook, I would go back to my damn reading list.

Speaking of which, I wonder if I should use a male name for a female character. Naming female characters with masculine names had been used in literature, TV shows and movies.

All rightie, a bit of info about Tea bloss.

All rightie. I decided to follow Bill’s suggestion, and indulge in giving a quick answer in regards to tea bloss.  Well here’s it goes.

One of the ingredients for Tea bloss is Labrador Tea, Here’s the link to the Wikipedia article.   The best time to gather Labrador Tea is during Fall and early winter. That’s when it won’t taste bitter when making tea bloss.

The way my late grandmothers and my father make tea bloss. After he brews tea bags along with Labrador Tea. In bowl he prepares, flour and water to make watery consistency, he adds some sugar and finally some goose lard or regular lard. Pours the freshly brewed tea in bowl and mixes it. Allow to cool a bit before drinking. Otherwise drinking when its piping hot, which I had done several times. Cue the two second heart burn.

There are two ways in making tea bloss. One is the former, of which I described earlier, some use milk and sugar in theirs. While someone who is lactose intolerant or vegan he or she uses soy milk. Drinking tea bloss helps stave off hunger. Since I don’t have lard or goose lard, I will just use Olive oil. Crisco lard or tender flake. When I brew some tea bloss. Besides I never use milk in my tea bloss.

Oh yeah, another thing, Labrador Tea leaves are sometimes steeped when making tea. Frank loves steeped Labrador Tea, stating that it tastes better than cup of Green Tea.

My late Mid-Week check-in, damn I’m slow.

row80logocopyThis is my late Mid-Week check-in for September 16, 2015. And I am cutting it a little damn close. My blog has been neglected. Not to mention that I got sucker punched by my own muse. It’s almost the end of round Three with September 24and Round Four is just around the corner. The start of October fourth. Shoot I would have get back on the saddle and not fall off again.

The Internet is being twitchy, in what I like to call the five minute connection. After that the Internet is out cold, sporadically. It seems that my local Hydro aka electric/utilities provider is late with my Hydro Bill. On some news, I purchased a bag of Labrador Tea from my sister. I will use it to brew tea bloss.

All right lets get right to the business at hand. Well there’s not to much to report that my writing progress. Snail mode. My mind had hit the wall, no writing since two weeks.

I have been thinking about the female characters and one of the male characters. The Main Character is sixteen. I think he’s a bit young. Then there’s the female character.  I have been thinking that she’s a dark character.

I will have to concentrate on one WIP at the moment.

The upside, a few days ago, I finished reading Alloy of Law by Brandon Sanderson. My current reading list, Nightmares and Dreamscapes, Dreamcatcher, and the Stand by Stephen King.