just another thought

One of the decent software I have is called scrivener. So far, it backs up whenever I work on something. No thesaurus of course and no grammar checker. Name generator is limited. But the document processor not only imports, it also compiles to print, RTF, PDF, doc, ODF, mobi, epub and several things I am not familiar with.

I haven’t tinker in backing up my projects. I sometimes send or copy and replace to my usb drive. I really should back up my stuff in a zipped folder via USB. In case when my computer decides to head to digital hereafter. One of the few snags that tend to pop up. Internet sometimes go down.

There are eighteen projects altogether, several are blanks and one is a blog that I sometimes use.

After suggesting scrivener to a friend of mine, Jeff said, that he didn’t like it. He will stick with the final draft. Well. each to his own preference of word processor.

One of the features I like about scrivener is that it goes full screen, plus I can change width. Filling 15.6 screen of my laptop.

First step finish the drafts, ask for input from friends. Third step ask edit and polish and so forth. The final step send it to a literary agent or publisher. But I would advise against using Publish America. I will worry about that department later.


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