thoughts and musing of half-assed thinker

A friend of mine once gave me a tidbit in regards to writing. Sometimes, it’s better to let the story write itself, rather than planning it out. Short stories have a way becoming a novelette, a novella or a full length novel, or even a series of a story.

Rules of writing varies, but remains the same. Grammar and so forth.

In real life there are no rules. With fictional world of literature where your characters reside. There are rules. You have to create your own rules in fictional department.

I am reminded of a proverb, “the truth is stranger than fiction.” Actually, I think its more of a curse. Anyways back to my ramblings of writing.

In my opinion, creating an outline for a story is useful. Too much of it can be tedious. I think the outline should be concise, enough not to bog a writer down. Giving a writer a general idea where to go. But each writer has his/her groove. His/her way of writing.


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