things to do, checklist, (the non-writing mode)

An off topic from my usual thoughts of writing. I may have to update scrivener at the later date. Possibly in the morning, before Nine AM. Update or hotfix for the windows scrivener version seem to roll in faster. In the meantime I will wait for windows update to do its thing.

I have a several things on checklist, one of which is to make sure that the tractor won’t yank out my clothesline pole the second time. Check the padlock. Make sure that its still there. The door is intact. Get rid of items in my shed. Old stuff, dump them in the garbage bag. That way my shed won’t become a smouldering pile.

The tech services have a habit of damaging, phone lines, fences, property, and houses. During when they’re digging snow out of the ditches to prevent melted snow from flooding the ditches.

As for my other items on my check list. My father needs a pair of shoes. Ordering a pair from Sears Canada. I need to buy shoes for myself locally. Check the balance on my prepaid Link Visa Card.

Ordering books for myself would have to wait. Then finally I would have to nudge myself to writing.


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