What in the world Games Workshop is thinking

I am a little late in the game. In December 2012 Games Workshop filed a complaint that M.C.A. Hogarth infringe their trade mark space marines. In regards to their claim to the term space marines as their trademark. Good God are they greedy or what? Are they out of their freaking minds? What’s next. Are they going after Tolkien estate for using the word, Hobbit, elves and Middle Earth.

The term space marines was used, predating Games Workshop. It’s the staple of Science Fiction, including subgenres such as space opera. If that term space marines goes, well Science Fiction won’t be the same.

To name a few examples, Bob Olsen, Robert A. Heinlein, H. Beam Piper, I could go on. But check Wikipedia and TV tropes if you don’t believe me.

I am disgusted that they singled out an indie author M.C.A. Hogarth. Good thing that they didn’t pursue any further legal actions against her. To be honest with you, I am extremely pissed. Games Workshop are just being petty. Damn petty schmucks.

Good news though, her book is back on Amazon.


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