It’s time of year, Goose break aka cultural break

It’s that annual goose break, every April. Date begins in mid-April and end of April. Where hunters go out into the bush, shoot down those feathery travellers. Geese is the main diet of northern people. Some like to can their geese, others like to store them in the freezer until they’re eaten.

Last year was skimpy year, snow melted early, geese arrived early.

Hunting has its hazards, travelling on ice by snowmobile is treacherous. Sometimes a person can go through the ice and never heard and seen again.

I plan to buy some geese from a local person, through my father. Several geese, but I won’t know how much a single bird would cost.

Sometimes I cut up a goose, quarter it, cook half and set aside the other half for next meal. Cook with rice or macaroni or with basic dumplings. Add what little spices available at the local store.


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