two snags, and musing about

In each individual’s life, there are obstacles.

For me, there are two snags, hiccups. One attending Camp NaNoWriMo, and NaNoWriMo. Second publishing and promotion of one’s work. I have two choices, either through traditional via literary agent, or going indie via self-publishing.

It would be real difficult for me to attend in person for writing events and join the local group of writers. No such group in where I am at, and possibly no luck in Timmins, Ontario and surrounding communities. Writing here is somewhat in back seat. And having to deal with limited funds. It would be attendance online for me.

Besides a flight from here to Moosonee would cost me, one grand, one way. Then I would have to hop on train. Being a northern country boy such as myself. I would get pick off as a patsy or an easy mark. Things are a little interesting in down south where non-aboriginal people and other ethnic groups dwell.

Of course, the same thing would be getting one’s damn novel(s) published. And promoting one’s work. I think, it would have to be done by the author himself/herself. Kinda like fish swimming upstream, rather than going with the flow, go against the current, avoid the nets, the weekend fishermen and hungry bears.

Still writing is worth the journey. And not many writers up near the lowlands of Northwestern Ontario. The whole point of life is overcoming the snags that were tossed in one’s way.


2 thoughts on “two snags, and musing about

  1. If it is any comfort, publishers do not want walk ins. They expect offers by mail, followed by manuscripts by mail, concluded by contracts signed by mail. As my first wife’s publisher once said, “Writers are awful people to deal with. No business sense at all.”

    • Third time is the charm. I decided to delete my previous comment.
      I liked your ex-wife’s saying. “Writers are awful people to deal with. No business sense at all.” Anyways, I mention a few things briefly, including the camp NaNoWriMo and NaNoWriMo.
      Actually I don’t like planning ahead in regards to looking for publishers and literary agents. I prefer to decide on the draw on the dice. To see where the dice falls. Each to its own time table. I find it that planning ahead in regards to writing, annoying and a big time distraction.
      As a saying goes, “concentrate on the writing first. Then other things would fall into place.”

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