Indie writer, thought and feedback

I suspect that some writers can’t afford to pay for more than two or three decent covers, for their e-books. They say, a decent book cover attracts a reader’s attention. By grabbing him or her back of the shirt collar. Yanking him/her to the author’s book, and say. “Hey, get over here and read this.”

Some readers prefer book in paper format and hard cover. In my opinion, both formats traditional and e-books are just fine with me.

Of course, from what little information I garnered, being an Indie writer is an interesting journey. With two sides of the coin.

The writing business is a cut throat industry. One of which, critics would mercilessly give a writer thumbs down. Not to mention polishing the draft, via editing and proofreading. Feedback is another issue.

A friend of mine once said, “For feedback, you’ll have to limit the pool of readers to three. No more than that.”

If memory serves me correctly, or had fled to the bush.

As a saying goes, with feedback is basically a person would tell you what works, and when something is not working.


2 thoughts on “Indie writer, thought and feedback

  1. Publishing is indeed cut throat. It is a business after all — people are in it to make money. They look for any topic that the masses prefer, pray for large sales, and if a book has any success they demand a sequel or prequel. Definitely not easy people for a writer to deal with.

    Writers are not business minded; they have no reason to live cut throat lives. I think you and I fall in the naïve group, other writers have met are more like us than Harlequin writers.

    Naïveté does not, however, make them writers into helpful critics. Most don’t want to spend time thinking about other people’s work; many have wrong ideas; a few are genuinely helpful. If you get three good comments that is enough. but to get those three you may have to send out many requests.

    Thought provoking, Barry, thanks.

    • Your welcome Bill,
      In regards to getting a feedback, A friend of mine was referring to number of three people doing a critique of one’s draft (fiction story). Going self-published has it own challenges, advantages and risks.

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