Thoughts about scrivener on my computer and website Behind the Name

When it comes to name compilation of characters. I find name generator on my scrivener program, very limited. I went back to an old friend called Behind the Name and including the Random Name Generator.

Combination of scrivener and that site makes decent combo. A spiral bound notebook(22.8×15.2 cm), mini sticky notes and a document page on scrivener is handy.

Anyways aside from several limitations of scrivener program. When you click the writing tools of that program, and click on look up it will take you to that site. But I prefer the old school. Two books, Roget’s Super thesaurus and the Bibliophile’s Dictionary. The Bibliophile’s Dictionary is a handy book in my opinion, with words and phrases that would add to the writer’s tool box.

I have been thinking of getting another thesaurus. The one I have is decent enough.

To be honest with you. I haven’t gone back to writing yet. I find reading relaxing. Drinking coffee or tea with a book to read. I may need to order more books.

Anyways if you use a different word processor, such as LibreOffice, Apache Open Office, Word Perfect, or MS Office or other word processor. That website and other similar websites would make naming characters a bit easier. Take a gander at it, write down names that you like, in a notebook.


4 thoughts on “Thoughts about scrivener on my computer and website Behind the Name

  1. I don’t usually use name generators. The names just seem to “come to me” but I use Scrivener, faithfully. I absolutely love the tools they offer. I find the cork board very useful when outlining. I might take a look at the name site to see what I can find. 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, scrivener is a damn decent program. Among its feature I like is the full screen aka composition mode, less distractions.
      One of the tools of writer, I think is his or her imagination. Best of luck to your writing journey.

    • Your welcome. Actually others have pointed out tricks and tips of the scrivener software, in fine detail. To be fair, the scrivener program takes a little bit of getting used to.

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