9 thoughts on “the self-publishing, no bank account and two quick thoughts

  1. Have you tried opening a bank account online? I think some banks allow that. Also, I don’t have my bank account linked to any of the places where my book is published (Amazon, BN, Smashwords, etc). They send me paper checks when I hit a certain amount of sales. Where are you seeing they don’t send checks?

    • Good point, I will keep that in mind. Actually I inquired about that last year of July, via Kobo Writing Life. Mark once stated that its possible to flag an account to go with option of a cheque.

      • I highly recommend publishing via CreateSpace. From everything I’ve read (including my own experiences) its head and shoulders above some of the other options. Also, they send you money via check (I don’t remember having to do anything specific to make that happen either, as I would have been just as happy with direct deposit).

        Once on CS, you can list you book on Smashwords and they will distribute it to ALL other mediums (Kobo, Nook, Sony, Itunes, etc)

      • Ah the wonders of technology. Thanks for the information. I will look into Create Space.
        As a saying goes, every little bit of info is useful.

  2. Not sure if this will help, but every self-publishing company that I’ve worked with will send a check after you get $100 in royalties. It’s $10 for direct deposit. I’m currently waiting on my first check, so I can set up an account specifically for my royalties. I’ve been told to use a credit union because they don’t ream you on the amount of money you keep in the account.

  3. A very clear exposition of the banking problems in Attawapiskat. I agree those above, though, that if a publisher sells your book they will find a way. Sending checks are standard; I cannot see them wanting direct deposit.
    A FOOTNOTE: The one time I sent a check north (to the Canadian Red Cross) I made sure they could handle a US check. They did — but it took the check 4 months to clear. Be prepared to wait for your money.

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