Thoughts about combat stilettos

A quick thought about combat stilettos, common in fighting video games. A handful in TV and movies.

Realistically stiletto heels are useless. Other than giving a woman a sex appeal. There are certain places where a woman can’t wear those stiletto high heels. In life and death situation, not only would those stiletto high heels slow her down. They’re practically useless in a fight. Not unless the woman uses the heel end of that footwear as a weapon. Of course, it would get ripped out of her hands by someone she’s fighting.

The boys and girls who churn out fighting video games to the public, didn’t take into the account of the basic thing about dirt, plants and mud.

A simple reason why women wear hikers in the bush, practicality. No woman in her right mind would wear stiletto high heels in the woods or bush. Besides have you seen a woman wear stiletto high heels in the woods. Unlikely.

Another thing, a woman going bare foot in the woods or the jungle is not a good idea. In fact, in this day of age, going barefoot downright unhealthy.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts about combat stilettos

  1. First, stiletto heels are far out of my experience. I have seen them worn by Chicago prostitutes, but thought it inappropriate to ask if they were comfortable. 🙂 They certainly do not work in dirt — narrow heels sink in and flip the wearer over.
    About high heels though, I received lectures from a number of women. Of course, I was selling women’s shoes in the late 1950s. Whenever I said that I had shoes more comfortable than the ones they were trying on, they would snap back “No, give me the highest you have!” When pressed they explained that three inch heels stretched their tendons and gave their legs a shapely slender look. I don’t know — It has been many years since women have worn really high heels.
    The other reason for stilettos is given my Freudians. Masochists love the thought of being stomped on by stilettos. Interesting, but since I am not a masochist the idea means nothing to me.

    • Sorry about the lateness of my response. For some odd reason, I can’t find your comment to my recent blog post. I guess something is a little twitchy.
      Anyways, I think for some, the stiletto high heels gives a woman an added boost looks in the female leg department. They say beauty is painful.
      I think a good number of female character designers are male. I don’t know, I think it may have to do with making the female character in fighting video games or other genre of video games, too damn good looking.
      Anyways, one thing that bugs me is how unrealistic and impractical footwear aka stiletto high heels that a female fighter.

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