thinking about one of the stories.

One of several stories, that I have on my lap is the hardest. One, I have to look at it through a realistic scope. Two, taking into account of other factors.

I had to out this story, got rid of the cluttering ideas, and restarted with core ideas I have. Had to ditch the second incarnation of the pre-story, its a little bit much. Going back to the original incarnation made perfect sense, I had to adjust the timeline.

Several days ago, a friend phoned me. We discuss a few ideas about the story. He used the premise of two movie, a novel and a TV show as a loose analogy. Trying to get me to use one of the tools, my head. The discussion had me thinking.

I figured not to plan out the story too much.  

To avoid those other stories from merging together, they’re placed back in their respective bins, under lock and key.

Oh and another, when it comes to research, articles on Wikipedia is pretty scant. Not much resources available. And I would have to be careful when I surf online, websites can sometimes be laced with trojans, worms and viruses.


4 thoughts on “thinking about one of the stories.

  1. You describe here the complicated path you have followed as you develope a complicated plot. You started with a good idea; after it grew complicated you simplified it to remove clutter and going back to the basics; next you dropped an interesting prestory because it added too much weight; after that you thought it best to adjust the timeline. And so on.

    That proves you to be an honest writer: Create, develop, simplify, develop some more, simplify some more. Where trouble comes in is when you share the different stages. How many times you have heard me say “What happened to ….” or “I thought they lived in Canada” or the like. It is hard for you readers to remember they are hearing about a work in development, not a book off the shelf.

    You lead us on an exciting trip. Keep developing!

    I was especially impressed by the friend who advised you that “to think of your work as two movies, a novel and a TV show.” I think this is a brilliant tool. As we write we have in mind what we have experienced, which means our work borrows the patterns of an adventure movie, or a science fiction movie, or a novel we enjoyed, or a TV show we followed. We are not stealing the ideas, we are borrowing these approaches, and they enrich our work. Congratulate your friend — he has found a good guide to enrich your work.


    • Indeed it does. 😉
      Actually he used several characters and elements as a short analogy. Not using them as a guide when writing a story. Just get me to think and look at this particular story at a realistic angle. Once that was done, I drop those analogies out of my mind. And begun the redevelopment of the story.
      The references to the “two movies, a novel and a TV show,” they’re just part of the analogy.
      Anyways the third incarnation of the characters in development mode is basically the original core ideas, with an offshoot.

      • You contend I have taken the key text from the blog entry wrong.
        The key text: “We discuss a few ideas about the story. He used the premise of two movie, a novel and a TV show as a loose analogy. Trying to get me to use one of the tools, my head. The discussion had me thinking.”

        I see nothing wrong with my interpretation. As one creates a plot one is shaping it like a movie script one moment, like a science fiction novel the next, and then like a favorite episode of Mission Impossible the next.

        All to the good! Our experience guides our thoughts, and you I lived with Mission Impossible for many episodes then Mission Impossible lives within you. Your sources are not only ideas, they are also artistic patterns.


  2. I have tendency to be brief. Yeah good point. That’s why I like pinging ideas with you. You’re one of the several I would ask for feedback,
    The beauty of fiction writing is that there’s no wrong way of writing. My methods of outlining a little disarrayed.

    Update, I even though every writer has his/her methods of writing. There’s basically different methods of writing. Not sure how many there are. One of them is mix and match, the second one is called free writing.

    A final edit, those two I mentioned are the only two creative methods writers use.

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