Planner Or Pantser? I’m Both


Lately, it seems that writers frequently discuss whether they are planners (people who outline before they write) or “pantsers” (people who write by the seat of their pants without an outline).

I’m a planner. I love to plan stuff. When I travel, I plan EVERYTHING. I’m not kidding when I say “everything.” I don’t make up schedules. I hate schedules. But I try very hard to avoid unpleasant surprises. That’s why I Googled images of restrooms on Amtrak trains before my trip to Orlando a couple years ago.

(Yes, they exist–in fact, I found a remarkable variety of photos of Amtrak–and other train–restrooms on Flickr. The Amtrak restrooms turned out to be neither as nice as I’d hoped nor as bad as I’d feared.)

I like to plan where I’m going to eat. I even like to plan what I’m going to order from the menu. (It was a…

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One thought on “Planner Or Pantser? I’m Both

  1. A clever exposition of what is both a curse and a blessing. All of us are planners and pantsers both — and when the plan veers off on its own course we improvise and have some fun. When I consider my plots as a straight line headed for the ending I soon learn the course is weaving back and forth to accept new insights. An exciting ride. How well this blogger knows this!

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