Writing Outside Your Comfort Zone

I am not going to say much. Again not bad. Plenty of good points too.


No one was more surprised than I was when I ended up writing a zombie story, even though I never much liked zombie stories.

The mantra is usually write what you know, or at least, write the kind of story you like to read.

My lack of zombie love isn’t snobbery–I enjoy many horror sub-genres. Something about zombies, though, kind of turned me off.

My main objection was that as antagonists go, zombies are kind of, well–boring. They don’t think or feel. Their only motivation is a desire to eat brains. It’s not even a conscious desire.

I guess I preferred antagonists who had slightly more complex motivations.

I was thoroughly surprised when I read Max BrooksWorld War Z and loved it. But I think that’s because the global disaster in the book could have been just about anything, it didn’t have to be zombies.


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One thought on “Writing Outside Your Comfort Zone

  1. The good point here is — Write outside your comfort zone. Opens your horizons, suggests many new stories.
    The weak point is — Pick something other than zombies. Zombies are brainless. Why not choose something clever, like giant spiders? The one time I chose spiders I received many emails asking me to stop! There is good proof of terrorizing the reader.

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