another non-writing update

Sorry about that. Another non writing update. I finally have a house guest aka a dog. His name is Sped. He’s still a pup. From the looks of it, he may be mixed mutt, with a touch of pit bull.

As a general rule, certain leftovers I would feed him, others I won’t risk. Never feed the dog small bones.

The pup still needs his worm treatment. Broth from boiled goose, quartered. What is usually done with goose broth, the grease is spooned out, add some oatmeal. Let it cool. Feed it to the dog.

In the meantime, I will let him sleep inside the house, during evenings and night time. In day time, I will place him by the dog house. It’s  not good for the dog to be inside all the time

The downside the kids would harass the dog, like what they do with other dogs who are chained.


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