In Defense of Self-Published Authors

Decent post and something to think about. you got good points

Megan Cashman

I have stated previously that I see nothing wrong with some writers choosing not to self-publish. I am not someone who tells others what to do nor do am I one of those self-published authors who think this route is the one true route for all writers. I believe people should do what is best for them.

However, I am someone who doesn’t like it when self-published authors are looked down upon by other authors. I have seen rude and condescending remarks geared to such writers on blogs, forums and other places on the Internet, and they left me very annoyed. Usually I roll my eyes and leave it at that, but sometimes I read comments that I can’t wrap my mind around.

Self-Published Authors are Deluded:
According to some, anyone who self-publishes has dollar signs in their eyes and truly believes they are going to hit it big like…

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