Sarah’s Sage Writing Advice for the Day

excellent points there

...and then there was Sarah

I follow very few hard and fast rules when writing. Anytime someone says “never do that,” I can point to at least one example of a writer who “did that” incredibly well. Styles vary, rules vary, and so do results.

Other than being true to my own author voice, there is one rule I DO follow, however. And, yes, this is a Sarah M. Cradit original, folks. I know. I Googled it.



My point is, essentially, this: if you love a character, plot point, story idea, setting (or insert other creation here) enough, then don’t abandon it entirely. Walk away, come back, and visit it from another angle. Put it in another story. Rework it.

If there’s enough will to make something work, you will find a way. Love your darlings.

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