Thoughts about the Baobhan Sith

Baobhan Sith is an interesting wench. Not to mention freaky and nasty wench, not in a sexual context. Though she takes on a form of very attractive women. When encountering a Baobhan Sith, refuse her at all costs, dancing with her would turn violent and brutal. The end result is a brutal death, possibly ripped apart or open.

In Kintail, area of Scottish Highlands, she’s referred to Highland Maenad probably due to her ferocious and savage nature. From little what I can guess, her appearance is not pleasing.  Vampiric Fairies are common in folklore, especially Celtic. A small snippet of information, refers Baobhan Sith as fairy furies.

With chameleon-like ability, they can change form and shape. Taking a form of a loved one, or someone familiar to her victim.

There’s one article on Wikipedia loosely detailing Baobhan Sith dismembering the unfortunate victims.

But there are conflicting information. Either that the victims were completely drained of blood, or drained of blood and remains mangled.

Their feet are like that of goat or deer, cloven hooves. Baobhan Sith travels solitary or with a group.

A quick note, her French counterpart are les Dames Blanches. Les Dames Blanches aka the White Ladies or White Women in Dutch/Germanic folklore. They can be seen late at night, when the moon is full. Form of very beautiful women, skin pale as alabaster, breath and touch as ice cold.

Dames Blanches were said to have hypnotic powers. Resistance is basically nil to impossible. It’s unlikely that any man had escape her grasp. Once a man is in her wintry embrace, that hapless chap is already doom. His body found on the next day, side of the road, drained of his blood. They’re also called Night dancers of the crossroads. They also were portrayed as ugly dwarves.

A slight correction, and a little editing.

It made me to think that Baobhan Sith and Dames Blanches are the same time type of entities. Not necessarily the same entities. Different locations, the same type of entities. According to some, she’s considered a demon or demonic.  I think it made sense, considering that a Baobhan is a shape changer.

I forgot to add. That she could be an interesting character for a story.  Of which I think they’ve been used as characters in someone else’s novel.


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