Sorry about that, I know I am a little late. Liebster Blog Award

I know this is a little late. My thanks to Glynis for nominating me for The Libster Blog Award. Even though this is a little late, I figured to sprinkle a little love. Paying it forward.

11 random facts about little ole me.

I am the only boy in my mother’s family.

I’ve seen more stupidity than an average person.

I make jokes and poking fun at my friends with me receiving the same treatment. 😉

Hot tea and hot coffee are my two choices of beverages.

I’m a slow reader, as well.

I trust a few people completely.

I am somewhat an interesting person, to a degree.

I like giving hugs.

I get a little snappy at times.

You’ll find me surfing the net.

Listening to tunes, via youtube and on my computer.


All rightie here’s the questions I have been asked.

What is your favorite Quote? Always in motion the future is.” Yoda Star Wars Episode V

Who is your favorite character in a novel? My favourite character in a Novel, a dog named Rocky from Dark Rivers of the Heart by Dean Koontz

In your opinion, what was the best book adapted to a movie? The Green Mile by Stephen King

What grammar error makes you the craziest? Oh just about a few things, here and there

Nothing to do on a rainy day, movie or book? Depending on the weather. Read a book or write, listening to some music.

Where is your favorite place to write? None at the moment,

Writer’s block is it myth or fact? It would depends, sometimes a writer’s noggin goes into lock down mode.

Desert, cookies or cake? Indian Bannock aka Indian scone

Desktop, laptop, or tablet? A laptop. When the power outage happens it gives me enough time to turn off the computer.

Do you play an instrument? Nope, sorry

Are you a writer? Well it would depend on how my addled mind works


Here are my nominees.

Megan Cashman







Joe Warnimont

Christina Jones

All  rightie, here’s eleven random questions for my nominees. May the writing gods be with thee.

What’s your favourite beverage?

What type of music you listen?

You favourite fictional character?

name your favourite book, author TV show or Movie?

Do you have a pet?

Are you a writer, a critic or a reader?

Are you a tad truthful or a tad tight lipped?

Do you zone out whenever you start writing?

Do you have inane or strange dreams?

Have you ever break wind in public?

Have you ever dropped a cup of coffee or some other beverage?

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