News from the Publishing Hinterlands

I reblogged this. feel free to glance at this post 😉 pretty interesting indeed.


Despite writing four more pages today, I’ve been a bad, bad writer.  I wasn’t working on my Dreamless City novel-in-progress, nor was I finishing the last section of our Life of a Foundry Moth short story project.  Noooo, I wandered off and started something new, another short story.  >_<

I didn’t mean for it to happen, honest!

I was just going to write down my idea, then set it aside for later. Get it out of my system, sketching out the story in a couple of paragraphs.  Then I started a bit of dialogue, adding in another character… and the damn thing took off with me like rampaging elephant.  /sigh  It was quite a ride… I just wish it would have happened with one of the projects I need to finish.  /shrugs

Enough about me and my writing escapades, here’s some news, while not particularly fresh, that I would like…

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