Another story idea, a possible tale. A Female Protagonist ?


Innocence by Vuelo  – DeviantArt

I didn’t know where an idea for a tale came from. For years it had been lurking, hiding away in my noggin. The final two pieces came to me, one from picture/artwork via Deviantart. Boom, it hit me, when a final piece clink into place.

Anyways the artwork is just an example for giving you a general idea of her loose representation. From what I got cooking up, her hair and eye colour can go either way.  As you might have guessed, the young woman is attractive and looks innocent.

In short, the same universe, different cast of characters. As for the lady in question, let’s say, she has her set of snags (problems and being in danger). In regards to what I have in store for her.  She might make an interesting character. If I don’t screw up in the writing department.

Come to think about it, it’s going to be challenging to write.

Correction, it’s a difficult story for me to weave. For starters the main protagonist is a woman. Being a man, it will be real tricky for me, in how to relate with her. I am going have to really dig inside, figure out, and commence writing.


4 thoughts on “Another story idea, a possible tale. A Female Protagonist ?

  1. So … a picture pulled things together and bingo, you had a character. I call that is quick and efficient. I tried the opposite: I had my character, then I tried to find a picture to express him. It never worked, character and image just didn’t connect.

    But when you present this photograph, I the the picture defines her character. One look and the words “young, sweet, pretty” come immediately to mind. She just has to be the way she looks. If you decide to define her further … well, you have a battle ahead of you if you want to tell us she is a serial killer or a cold hearted whore. We look back at the picture and say “Nah, couldn’t be.”

    She is human, she can have troubles. Migraine headaches? Scared of the neighbors? All very possible. But nothing mean or cruel.

    That means, of course, that her image has done all your describing. You will have to fight to get around that!

    But I don’t see that you have a problem because she is a female protagonist. That isn’t hard. Writers are often protective of characters they like. Any writer will want to take care of this young woman.

    / Bill

    • Actually the picture/artwork is one of the pieces that gave me an inspiration for the protagonist. As a loose representation, of the early stage of my thinking mode. The picture of her, is just an example. The interpretation of her appearance would vary from reader to reader. Think of girl in portrait/artwork as a temporary image of the character.

      She does indeed look young, sweet and pretty. As saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

      For me, it would be interesting to see how the tale would unfold. Besides, I think the character may be interesting.

      Like I said, it’s difficult for me to write a female character who might be the lead in the story. I have trouble in relating to her. I read somewhere that male writers have a slight trouble in relating to female lead characters they write. It may be true in my case.

      Update, I forgot to add. That you have good points there. I sometimes have a habit of forgetting a few thing. Characters can be a little tricky.

      The final piece is music, two actually, on Eventide from Brand X Music.And the other I can`t seem to remember. It’s challenging to flush out the character once, there’s image of the character. Ideas can come from anywhere or just smack a writer in a face.

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