thoughts about amazon kindle worlds

I have been reading about Amazon opening a new services called Kindle Worlds. Where fan fiction would be sold via ebooks. It seems that fan fiction is the new thing. Some bloggers and authors had blogged their thoughts about it. Feel free to google or search thru via your favourite search engine.

The first thing came to my mind. Oh boy. And you got to be shitting me. Sounds like a writer’s creation and intellectual property be fair game, open season for fan fic writers. More like a gimmick, or mooching off from an author of his/her intellectual property.

Not to spook anyone about this. Buts I suspect that licensing one’s story to Kindle Worlds would be voluntary. I doubt Amazon is that greedy. Besides, sales from ebooks are the grass that Amazon grazes on. I would recommend others not to license their stories to be written for fan fiction. If I understood this correctly in regards to fan fiction of those stories.

Amazon Publishing will acquire all rights to your new stories, including global publication rights, for the term of copyright.

Well gee thanks Amazon Publishing. Does that mean Amazon own the rights to my stories and intellectual property, as well? It’s a good question. We would find out eventually. A whole new can of worms would be opened. I am kinda pissed. Personally when I do self-publish or go with traditional route. But no offense, I am not going to allow any fan fiction.

While I have no problems with fan fiction. A typical fan fiction writer writes fan fic as a hobby, an art, or an art form. At the same time making zero profit from it.

I am not going to volunteer licensing my work for others to write fan fiction. World building aint easy. Being original is difficult as it is.

Still I would self-publish with Amazon and other spots.  And take basic precaution. 

If you’re interested in taking a gander of their announcement, the link is here.


5 thoughts on “thoughts about amazon kindle worlds

  1. That’s odd phrasing on their part. So, if I let them use my fantasy world for fan-fiction, all of my preceding stories in that world will be labeled as fan-fiction? If they gain all rights to my future stories in that world then technically I’m writing fan-fiction in my own world. This could just be early morning, should really go to bed logic.

    • Yeah, it’s a little odd phrasing on their part. The main thing is not to be annoyed by it.

      I think an author including the self-published one who approve licensing his/her original works and intellectual property to be written as fan fiction would be called World Licensors. I suspect it would be on a voluntary basis.

      But I am not going to risk it.

  2. I completely agree with your assessment. This new device is for the newcomer desperate to get a hit somewhere. Believe me, in looking around I have found many publishers who will do you formatting, get you an ISBN, and have you listed on Amazon. And of course, with that done your work disappears into the billions of publications.
    I hold to my principles. There is not substitute for a writers and work — and there is no substitute for good advertising when you finally put your pen down.

    • Indeed, good points and a good insight. I agree. I remember you mentioning about one of your relatives being self-published.

      Publication of one’s intellectual property and tales has its own hurdles. Not to mention, finding one’s book in an ocean of other published material, both traditional and self-published.

      With this new services called Kindle Worlds, not only does it open a new can of worms. I suspect that once you license your work and intellectual property to be written for fan fiction. Once that has been approved by author him/herself or other entity who holds rights to one’s work. Well its fair game. On safe side, when I do get published or self-published, I am not going to approve licensing of my work.

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