Thoughts on Kindle World II

I suspect that Kindle Worlds would do more than open a can of worms.

With that can worms being opened. It would pose huge problems for self published authors. Doing some damage to a self-pub authors. Self-published authors are basically on their own. Hell, a good number of them can’t afford decent lawyers.

A fan fiction writer who has no scruples, won’t have problem in stooping low by taking short cuts. He/she would lift or steal source materials from a self-published author’s book. Pass it on as part of his/her fan fiction material.

(Lifting source material from someone else’s unrelated fiction and passing it on as their own fan fiction of his/her favourite author’s work.) Ergo amazon publishing could nix the book written by an author of the original material, world and intellectual property. Citing infringement.

That aspect had me thinking. It could snowball from there. It also mean that particular fan fiction could knock a self-published author’s hard work back to square one. Let say that Alloy entertainment or some other company like that element of that story and decided to use it for their TV shows and novels. Giving them full rights of that stories and world that belong to the original author, by default. The original author would lose by default. They, the ones who gain intellectual property of another, by default, would contact amazon publishing and demand that author’s intellectual property be removed. For infringement of their intellectual property.

You see where I’m getting at. You can forget demanding compensation for loss of one’s hard work. The courts won’t side with you. In essence, you would get ridiculed by other authors and fandom of other works.

On a closing note, I hope I am just being paranoid or whiffing out suspicions in the air.


11 thoughts on “Thoughts on Kindle World II

  1. I don’t quite understand what you’re suggesting here. Kindle Worlds only licences certain properties–it’s not like someone could write fan fiction on anything published on Amazon. If you are the author of an original work and you don’t choose to licence it for Kindle Worlds than you work has all the legal protection of any other copyrighted work.

    So I don’t see how the scenarios you outline could occur.

    • I tend to be suspicious of things. Ever since I read about Amazon opening Kindle Worlds platform, I tend to be less trusting of Amazon publishing.

      I will leave it at, and let people make their own opinions.

      Anyways, as murphy’s law dictates, anything that can go, wrong will go wrong.

      I would like to amend my comment. Who knows what could happen. what I posted here could be the worse case scenario.

  2. There is one thing that would definitely save the self-published author. On every self-published book’s site, Amazon lists the date of publication. If that date is earlier than the published fan-fiction then it’s easier to prove which one came first. Also, if you have copyrights then you can send that to Amazon as proof. Might not be able to have a lawyer, but threatening Amazon with a lawsuit and proving you could win if it went to court can get the job done.

    • Yeah good point.

      Technically an author owns the copyright of his/her IP. A friend of mine once said that there are ways of proving that you own that work.

      By emailing yourself a manuscript, or by mailing yourself a manuscript in traditional format, or by word, word perfect, pdf rtf, or pdf, in burn CD or in USB flash drive, without opening that package.

      • I was wondering the same thing.

        Anyways I still find it troubling that certain people will take short cuts not doing the leg in the writing department. Using other people’s source material as a filler for their own writings.

        taking from someone else’s unrelated fiction and passing it on as their own fan fiction of his/her favourite author’s work. And I am not talking about licensing one’s work.

  3. You are not paranoid at all. When you are a newbie everyone notices it and takes advantage of you. They assume you will humbly grateful for any assistance they render. As we have agreed before, the proper advice for a novice is to work at his own publishing … and especially at his own advertising. Hard words, but good advice.

  4. Food for thought definitely – not something I’d really considered before and I’ve never heard of Kindle Worlds, is that just something that is unique to the USA? I like the idea of mailing your MS though – may do that. 🙂

    • Kindle Worlds is basically platform that sell fan fiction. Courtesy of Amazon. Good ole USA.

      Even though I have no problems with fan fiction writers. I suspect if someone did that, the fan fiction writers would be miffed

      Thanks for the comment, yeah thanks, and sorry about amending my comment, I forgot to say thank you.

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