A few thoughts brimming

With a few thoughts still brimming. I am going to post a final comment about Kindle Worlds, possible several benefits. Even though I mentioned the downsides  and the worst  case scenario of Kindle Worlds. But it will wait.

All right on to quick subjects. Writing a certain female protagonist alone had proven to be difficult. Again being a man, I still have trouble relating to her. But the tale is slowly brewing. It’s best to let the chips fall into place. Then commence typing. I have general ideas in store for her. At the moment she’s just a phantom in writer’s imagination storehouse.

On the lighter news, the two paperback books by S.A Swann, I ordered not too long ago had arrived yesterday. One of my favourite sites where I like to place my orders is amazon market place. Books mainly paperback sold a discount price either new or used.

Speaking of which, I may need to replace my moleskine notebook. That little notebook is starting to fall apart. I am saving those mini cahier notebooks for another purpose


One thought on “A few thoughts brimming

  1. The best thing here is your phrase “a phantom in the writer’s imagination storehouse.” Precisely. So please folks, don’t ask about her height and weight yet. 🙂

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