Thoughts of Highlander reboot. Part One

If they’re insisting on rebooting the Highlander Franchise. Do it right, no screw ups, no bullshit, and no not a single drop from a feminist fantasy. Follow what has been established in the reboot.

A decent article written by some dude, I forgot his name. According to the actor Christopher Lambert when asked about his thoughts about the actor Ryan Reynolds being cast in lead for the highlander reboot, in an interview

First of all, I think he’s a really good actor. On top of it, he’s somebody sensitive. If I was the producer or the director, I would go as far as possible away from the original ‘Highlander’ to try to create a new ‘original’ ‘Highlander.’ I am talking about the script. Because the combination of what ‘Highlander’ was about, plus Queen’s music, was unbelievable. So I don’t think a remake would work … I think a good one would be ‘Man on Fire,’ which was directed by Elie Chouraqui – a French director – and then re-made (in 2004) by Tony Scott. It wasn’t a “remake” of the movie. It was a new ‘Man on Fire.’ And that’s exactly what I would do with ‘Highlander.’ You cannot duplicate something, no matter how big it could be. You cannot duplicate ‘The Killer’ from John Woo; you cannot duplicate ‘Once Upon a Time in the West’ by Sergio Leone. You can re-do something, but don’t try and copy.

From the looks of it, the Highlander reboot  has landed in development hell.

Anyways, if it were me directing or writing a script. Well, for starters

  1. I would take risks. Do something different.
  2. Keep the core rules of the game the gathering and immortality. 
  3. Chuck the rest out and start fresh.  
  4. Create a new characters, especially a new character with last name McLeod.
  5. The storyline of the highlander reboot would make better sense that it be divided as a trilogy. Three films as one movie.   
  6. Bring in one or several bands to create songs specifically for Highlander reboot. Bands such as Dead Sara, Muse and Faun. And include them in the soundtrack. No music from Queen.

From what I was able to understand about the core rules of Highlander Mythos.

The core rules of the game.

There can be only one.

Fight until only one immortal remains alive.

Immortals are only safe on holy ground.

From canon of the first Highlander Movie.

Immortals can’t have children. They can only be killed via decapitation by another immortal. Immortals are only safe on holy ground, so no immortal can fight each other on holy ground.

When there are a very few immortals left, they would feel the irresistible pull to a distant land (New York City) to fight for the prize. The story centers about an immortal Scotsman Connor McLeod.

The link to Wikipedia page for highlander (1986 film) is here.


PS. Google or Bing search engine is your handy tool when looking for information online.


6 thoughts on “Thoughts of Highlander reboot. Part One

    • I am not sold on Ryan Reynolds either. I think he could make a decent antagonist.
      Anyways given that there are other possibilities that the reboot could get screwed up by directors, script writers and handful of other things. I get kinda annoyed whenever the term high concept is mentioned.

      • Indeed, or it could head straight direct to video.

        I wonder what new things they would try. if they’re planning something in a different flavour. they should try female immortal with last name Mcleod.
        I wonder what else they would hoist up. At times the original concept gets butchered badly.

      • Highlander the raven. well, it got cancelled after season one. I think, the producers and execs were trying to milk the franchise. The terrible installment of highlander the source was even worst than highlander 2 the quickening.

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