We Are All Vulnerable to Plagiarism

Self-Published Authors Helping Other Authors

I found this post via an email from a friend.  Someone had taken Lorelei James’ ALL JACKED UP from the Rough Riders series and posted it up chapter by chapter on a website, claiming it was her own.  The only thing changed was the hero and heroine’s names.  Everything else was the same.  After going through the comments, the efforts of people who supported Lorelei have had awesome results, but I can only imagine how terrible this ordeal has been (and maybe even will continue to be) for Lorelei.  The thing is, this was not a self-published book.  It was published with Samhain, and Samhain is a reputable publisher.

A month ago, I heard of a romance author (who I was not given to mention so I won’t) who had the same thing happen to her.  Someone stole one of her books, changed the name of the hero and heroine, and put it up…

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One thought on “We Are All Vulnerable to Plagiarism

  1. Plagiarism is depressing. “Couldn’t they write their own material?” the author asks angrily. The sad answer is, of course, No, they couldn’t so they stole yours. Lorelei James shows how incredibly easy that can be. Get a digital copy of the text; run a find-and-replace to change the names; and start publishing the new book chapter by chapters.

    But about fighting back — I think the article of the blog quoted here hides from us the great expense of hiring a copyright lawyer and fighting back. Most self-published authors are poor. I do not thing fighting back is realistic.

    So what do you do? I had an article snatched from my magazine once and ascribed to a different author. I just shrugged and forgot it. That’s what most of us must do. There is one cheap action to take but ONLY IF the plagiarism is published. Write to the publisher, prove to him the book is stolen, and demand he withdraw it. I think I think he would have to take immediate action..

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