Non-Writing –the pup Sped and thinking of ordering food from walmart

Both my cousin Mary Rose and my younger sister Beverly stated not to buy large bag of Signal dried dog food. Rez dogs are notorious picky eaters. My younger sister picked out the dog food, Dog Chow and two cans of Signal canned dog food, along with several items, when I bump into her at the local Northern Store.  She also gave me precise instructions when feeding the pup.

Anyways she suggested in purchasing a large bag of Kibbles N Bits for Sped. A good sized bag cost 36.99 before tax. Not sure of its weight, but I will have to check at the store. 1.8Kg bag of Kibbles N Bits go for 12.99 up in ole Attawapiskat.

Just now, I found a large bag of dog food Kibbles N Bits on Walmart Canada website. A 15.87kg bag of dog food is way too excessive for one dog alone. So I decided to dial down, ordering two 6kg bags of dried dog food instead. A bit less than what I wanted, but hey, less worrying and other things to do. A single bag alone would feed Sped two months or more. A little stocking up in dried dog food, besides Sped is a growing pup.

Fortunately I have two empty containers, it may just fit two thirds of one bag. Of course, ordering canned dog food and extra milk bones had also crossed my mind. Naturally, I will have to alternate between dried and canned dog food mix, between regular dried dog food mix.

On a final note, orders usually take within one to three weeks of delivery. When they do arrive, I would have whip out my wheel barrow, vamoose and carry those heavy suckers home. In the meantime, I will have to wait end of this month to place an order.

Update, in regards to keeping the kibble edible for Sped. I will have to store the kibble in its original bag and in cool dry place. Rather than storing it in plastic bin. In addition to other items needed, purchasing clips to in order keep the bag of dog food closed. Ordering a 15kg bag is a little too excessive. A 6kg bag is pushing it. But it will hold until Sped finishes the last bite.


3 thoughts on “Non-Writing –the pup Sped and thinking of ordering food from walmart

  1. One wonderful thing about blogs is … we get to hear about the writer’s life. Never hold back on that! We are all delighted to how you plan to feed Sped. Soon you might have him contribute a blog entry!

    • Agree with the above! Coming from Montreal, I am amazed how particular dogs on this reserve are. I travel with a pocketful of dog biscuits, that the dogs back home would have loved, but here, they just bite them in half and spit them out! They prefer fresh meat on a bone or a moose hoof.

      • Thanks for stopping by Bill. 😀
        Yeah, I did screwed up in regards to the kibble. I almost dump them in plastic container. It’s been a while since I had a dog. I may settle on buying large bags of kibble exclusively. Rather than risking the canned dog food being dented, via package handlers playing hot potato or playing catch with the parcels. Canned dog food is cheaper at the glance, the cost would be roughly the same.

        Oh yeah indeed Andi;
        Dogs, including dogs who are kept by their owners are picky eaters. Dogs would eat leftover cooked macaroni, rice and broth made from boiled goose and poultry. Dogs often bury their treats, such as bones or partially eaten morsel of a bird or some animal and dig up later to eat it. My father some years back purchased remnants from the Northern store. Mainly pork and poultry to feed the family dog. I am thinking of doing the same thing.

        Rez dogs live dangerous lives. They generally get killed by other dogs. In the current bylaw, any dog wandering about would be seen as a stray. The pooch would be either shot, or taken out of town/kidnapped.

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