5 Tips for Writing Multiple POVs

...and then there was Sarah

h1DE1B460I’m a shameless fan of writing in multiple POVs. My series has a large, diverse cast of characters and I’m all about giving each of them a voice, where possible. I also believe that telling the story through the eyes of varied characters gives a well-rounded perspective on the tale that you would not get otherwise.

Of course, this is not always a popular narrative choice. Some readers are very vocal about their dislike of this style. Does that deter me? Not even a little. But it does evoke a stubborn desire to want to do it right.

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One thought on “5 Tips for Writing Multiple POVs

  1. Sarah is always practical and informative. Here was my trick. In the midst of a first person novel I had a great need to switch point of view for one chapter. But that created a great lurch — very unpleasant to the reader. Here was my simple trick.
    1. The chapter that switches beings “Dad told me later what troubles the had encountered.
    2. In the chapter my first person narrates the story he heard from Dad.
    3. In the following chapter first person and Dad are together again, so the book marches on as before.

    So far no readers has complained of a lurch, so I think this procedure worked pretty well.

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