Waiting is the Game for Authors

Legends of Windemere

I was never told how much waiting goes into being an author.  You really need to be patient and that can be brutal.  You feel like every week that passes without releasing your new book is going to be seen as a problem by what few fans you have.  We’ve all heard throngs of fans complaining about authors taking years to release new books in a series, so many aspiring authors are terrified of that threat.  For example, Beginning of a Hero debuted in late February and it’s late June.  I still don’t know if I’ll have Prodigy of Rainbow Tower debut in July because of the waiting.  It’s nerve-wracking.

There are so many things to wait on:

  • Beta Readers
  • Editors
  • Cover artists
  • Royalty checks
  • Reviewers
  • Muses
  • Merchandise deliveries
  • Postmen

You fight not to rush anybody because that would be rude and could cause trouble.  Anybody else have nightmares about…

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2 thoughts on “Waiting is the Game for Authors

  1. This author gives the best advice … but he also shows he has an impatient temperament. I go through all these stages just waiting for a bus … without the emails of course, bus companies do not respond to emails.

    The only advice I really agree with: Have many projects to work on. The writer does not only write, he is a reader, an impromptu music critic, a wanderer in search of new ideas. If your life is full getting the current book out is but one of many balls you are juggling.

    • I think. Life of an author or a writer is a complicated journey. Aside from few things.

      Editing is tedious work. Other writers had stated before that editing should be done after the writer has finished his/her first draft. When a writer edits his WIP (work in progress), it slows him/her down to the point that the writer doesn’t finish his first draft.

      As for not setting deadlines. Life has a habit of unexpectedly propping up snags and surprise.

      Beta readers, well I think some of them take their sweet time. Depending on the people the writer knows. Typically beta readers don’t like to be rushed.

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