non writing – dog food for Sped and other things

A change of plan. So much for ordering dried dog food from Canadian website of WalMart. From what I have been told that they only accept actual credit cards, no prepaid Visa, no prepaid MasterCard and no Visa Debit. When asked why, the person on the phone was somewhat condescending.

Oddly enough, I ordered a laptop from WalMart with a prepaid Credit MasterCard, more than a year ago. Well no matter, it’s their business model and their choice. I may have to look for other places to do business. So, it may be good bye WalMart, hello to new business.

At a moment, my options are limited. target looks promising, I am going have to play the wait and see game. If Target would accept my prepaid Visa card.

Anyways a 6kg of Kibbles N Bits is 36.99 at the local Northern store. About two months worth, twice a day meal for Sped. According to my younger sister, a 1.8kg is two weeks worth for a full grown dog. Well, a hungry dog.

Last time I checked, an 8kg bag of pedigree dog food at the MK Store is about forty-eight something.

While at the Northern store, I figure its better to buy a bag of kibble for Sped, in advance. Grabbed that damn thing, paid for it, saunter my way home, whistling to the tune Jeepers Creepers, while looking like a weirdoe. And stuff that kibble in its original bag in the fridge. Open it after the pooch finishes his last bite or if the kibble is not enough.


2 thoughts on “non writing – dog food for Sped and other things

  1. I read you are also trying Target — and already someone has advised you that won’t work. I think it is clear that shipping dog food to the far north is a low-profit business.

    Does one of the dogwood companies ship direct. You never know…. Thanks to Amazon I have gotten in touch with several manufacturers and now work directly with them.

    • There are two sites that sell pet food made from natural ingredients. But they’re pricier than an average kibble sold down south.

      I am a little weary about those products. I suspect that products which were made off-shore companies are shabbily made. I read that Canidae dog food is not too good for the dog.

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