Just a Quick thoughts about windows 8 netbooks

I have been thinking about Windows 8 netbooks. In correct term, they’re small ultrabooks. Pricier than their predecessors (netbooks). Prices vary slightly. Cost more than average laptop. From the search results online via amazon.ca. The cheapest one with a decent memory and space, is 399.99 regular price, Acer 11.6, 4GB, and 320GB HDD.

If I had the funds to throw away, that little item would complement my existing laptop. One of the handy items in my phantom tool box. Carry that little bastard with me, type what comes to my noggin.

While I am not thrilled about using windows 8. Clumsy and annoying as it is. I may need to figure out in maintaining productivity without slowing me down and without having to dig for for those damn apps.

Several slight flaws with my plan. One, I don’t have wireless connection, it’s basic cable Internet. Two, In order for me to have wireless connection, I may need to buy a decent router. Three I don’t have enough funds to buy a Windows 8 netbook. Four, I use mainly scrivener, scrivener automatically backs up, as it’s designed to do. Five, my Internet is slow at times, from average speed to super slow motion.  Six, any items such as mobile devices, netbooks, mini ultrabooks are subject to theft and being dashed to electronic mess. 

In my closing note, I’m content in using this windows 7 laptop. It may not be the best machine, but it gets the job done.


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