those damn homicical superstitious fools

Well it is still disturbing. I would like to apologize for my rant

I didn’t feel like writing, or blogging. Watching those videos again is depressing. Where albinos in Tanzania are being targeted, and used as ingredients for magical potions. I have zero respect for those homicidal superstitious fools. They’re evil people.

I have been reading comments on the second video on YouTube. Fortunately several tasteless comment on YouTube disappeared. But less than several had remained.

Anyways in Tanzania and several other African countries, Albinos are considered as ghosts and non-humans. For some odd reason they are considered magical.

Albinos are human beings. They have the right to live. The witch doctors in Africa should be disbanded completely.


Here’s an article on wikipedia

Persecution of people with albinism

Any fool who decides to accuse me of being racist for posting these two videos on my blog. Well that person can kiss my scrawny ass. I am not white, I am aboriginal.


2 thoughts on “those damn homicical superstitious fools

  1. The world is bewildering in it’s inclination to do evil. Albinos — who would have thought? But here we have another example of the right rule for judgments. Prejudgments of any person or people, no matter who, is dead wrong. We always need more data before we can turn against someone.

    • This is not about prejudgment. It’s about superstitious Tanzanians doing evil things to Albinos. In several African countries where albinos are cut up for parts to be sold or used as ingredients for potions. Tanzanian women are equally despicable.

      I doubt that anything would be done to curb the killing of albinos. But I would never excuse those kind of murderers.

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