another random non-writing update

I am back, sorry about that. I must really cut down watching certain YouTube videos, especially in regards to Black flash mobs and other random dumb-ass shenanigans. As it was once said, you can’t escape idiocy, plain ole stupidity and same ole crap that plague our world.

On some news, my TV just died about two weeks ago. Damn thing croaked on me. So I will have to buy a new one via The Brick, in Moosonee. In the meantime, I am saving what little cash I have.

 I will be updating my prepaid Link Visa Card to prepaid We Financial Visa on July 22, 2013. When enquiring about those cards, I was told that they would be already personalized with our names.  So no temporarily cards for us in Attawapiskat. Les of a hassle. 

 I had a chat with my father, according to him it would be a cold winter. Cold winter season since in a long while. Of which, I will have to cut up some dried grass pronto for Sped’s dog house. Starting this September or end of August. I may need some dried grass for six months. Store the dried grass, under the house. That way the kid won’t set my shed on fire. The dog will need the dry grass to keep warm. And I will have to warm up any basic broth I made previously just enough via microwave.

 Anyways to pass the time, other than reading, I watched err, listened to fan remixed version of video game music. Soundtracks aka scores of TV series and movies. Plenty of good tunes found on YouTube.


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