oh just another of those ole random thoughts

A few thoughts. Well I decided to push them aside for the time being.

 As for writing, it has taken a back seat. Fuelling that noggin of mine requires more reading, researching and stretching that mental muscle, writing. I fear it had gone flabby once more.  May need to enroll with one of those vicious task master of writing department weilding cattle prods, to sting the weary backs of writers.

 I will have to order more paperback books, I’m still not crazy about ebooks. I am more of the ole school type of person. Easier on the eyes. It will take time for the paperback books to arrive. Besides I have a good number of Stephen King and Dean Koontz ebooks. I hate to lose them when my computer decides to commit suicide.

 As for my dog Sped. I may need to order good size scoop for his kibble. The make shift scooper, I made from the empty coffee whitener, is not going to cut it. It’s about half a cup. I need to get one that is a right size, so I won’t kill him, by overfeeding. Roughly a cup of dry kibble in the morning, in the evening less dry pooch food with wet dog food mixed. By my rough estimation, two months worth of kibble. Of which means that I would stock up. The pooch is growing.


2 thoughts on “oh just another of those ole random thoughts

  1. Whatever it takes to get moving. I think you are right … you need some ideas from others to stimulate you. On paperbacks you can read them, scrawl ideas on the margins, and there you have a creative dialogue going.
    Once that is rolling along you can just make a checklist for other problems as they come along and then knock them off one by one when the chance occurs.

    • Once ideas are presented as a pot of stew. once that is written, well make a stew from slightly different ingredient(s). Otherwise, the WIP (work in progress) I’m working on, would have a same flavour as other works of fiction. I think the key would be for a work of fiction to stand out. Hollering out, “Hey you I am talking to you,” and then in softer tone, “You’ll like this tale.”

      At the moment I had to set aside my writing. I will wait until that I had finished reading a particular book(s)

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