non writing update, updated my Visa Card

I finally updated my prepaid Visa Card and it’s personalized, Barry J Koostachin. I had to activate that damn thing online. The card would be reloaded with funds naturally on my own timetable. I will have to update my netflix account, among other things.

And I will attempt to order from WalMart Canada website once more. I have my eye on the kibble for my pooch.

Of course, the few bummers are that, the daily maximum load limit is 2,500.00 unlike from my previous Link prepaid Visa Card. 5000.00 daily funds load limit. The negative balance is 2.50. From what I noted I can’t order anything major from online such as MacBook or windows laptop, the limit is one grand. Kinda tad restrictive on the part of card issuers. I suspect that it would be gouging card account customer business as usual. A common thing with those having chequeing accounts.

Other than that, the card should work as a charm.

It will go thru, netflix,, Marks Wearhouse and others without a hitch. But I will test out that bastard on WalMart Canada website. To see whether or not it would go through. I suspect that those corporate snobs frown on the schmoes such as myself who are being frugal.


One thought on “non writing update, updated my Visa Card

  1. That is a very clear exposition of the odd banking situation that restricts people in the far north. This should be obligatory reading for everyone in Attawapiskat.

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