back again, quick updates, fluttering thoughts, and thinking

I am back, it’s been a short while, since I have posted something. A few things popped into my noggin, along with few updates.

My card finally went through via Wal-Mart Canada website. On July 29th, I ordered dry dog food from there, it should come in a week, depending on time date. Now I am strongly considering order Blue Buffalo from a place in Timmins, Ontario. A 15kg bag should hold Sped for two months. Sixty eight bucks is not too shabby. I intend to order it from the nice lady aka a manager of Claws and Paws Timmins via facebook.

I am not too sure how big he will be. Considering that he’s still a pup. But I will find out next Spring.

As for writing, I went back to quick research on such topics, male to female transsexuals and transvestites, maenads, among few other things.

In one of my WIP, research is required. Believe me, it aint easy digging up old facts and information, I had almost forgotten completely. Besides, some websites are laced with Trojans, viruses and herpes of the digital world. I will explain more in detail on several of those topics mentioned in the previous paragraph, on a separate post.


2 thoughts on “back again, quick updates, fluttering thoughts, and thinking

  1. The dog food problem is an ongoing matter. I expect Sped is such a gobbler any flavor will please him. But the volume? That will be determined by his further growth. After all, he might hit his maximum size soon.

    Research is always difficult, even without any traps that are laid in your path. The trick is always to skim an article you find, get information that interests you more, and move on. This is very time consuming. I bookmark every article I look at, so I can go back later and get the details on what interested me. Good research does not do for same day publications.

    • It will depend on how big he will be, by late March of next year. I did Google online on basic storage of kibble made from natural ingredients. There’s one article hinting that you can store kibble via Ziploc freezer bags via freezer. I am a little skeptical about that.

      Yeah researching is tedious work. A lot of interesting information can be dug up. When you research on certain subjects, wham, you’re instantly labelled as a fruit, a bigot, a pervert, a tranny chaser and so forth. It all depends on what item you’re researching on.

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