ah vanished comments, exiled comments

A quick note. I noticed that people have trouble commenting on other people’s blog. Vanished comments. Comments snuffed out like candles or banished to the land of spirits and ghosts. I suspect that wordpress is just as twitchy like its counterpart FaceBook.

Then again the Thought Police are lurking about. Ready to squash any comment that they deem evil.

Actually it’s annoying for those who want to voice their thoughts via comments. Only to find out that the blogger had no clue that visitors had left comments.


2 thoughts on “ah vanished comments, exiled comments

  1. I notice that and assume people have been editing their blog entries. Surely no one else can edit your material! But also, when you put up a number of entries I become confused about which entry I am looking at.

    • Oh yeah. Blog sites can be real twitchy at times. Reposting a comment that had vanished can be very annoying for some.

      Yeah, keeping track of blog post can be somewhat tedious, Especially with the pair of eyes that are not sharp as they’re used to

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