just a confusing thought and some research

Researching for information is difficult. Separating the crap from the usable facts, is like shifting wheat from the chaff.

In one of my WIP, I had to dig online for information. I didn’t want to twist the facts around. Of which one of the minor characters is either a transvestite or a male to female transsexual. I am not going to say anything about the character in question after this.

And no I am not writing a romance story about a transsexual and some dude. No one, I mean no one can tell me what to write and what not to write. So butt out.

Anyways regardless what some people believe, you can’t change gender, only outward the appearance via surgery and hormones. Hormones are no minor things. For example hormone replacement therapy in menopausal women had been proven to increase the risks of cancer.

Improper dosage or hormones purchased from black market can lead to cancer and possible suicides.

Silicone injections to gain a feminine shape is not only unhealthy, it’s friggin dangerous. It shouldn’t be encouraged to the young people seeking to transition to that of the opposite sex.

Transitioning from male to female or female to male takes time and a lot of money.

To change gender/sex is impossible. It’s encoded in our DNA at conception. Mess with the DNA and expect the consequences to follow. It’s like tinkering with the files of MS Windows OS. Mess with that and it will crash. I don’t buy the notion of being trapped in the wrong body. I find it confusing. There are factors that causes transsexualism. Environmental, psychological and physical. The big threes. I am not going into detail. It will take a long time to explore and argue.

I also noted that there’s a segment of those who had gone back to their birth genders. I think that they’re loosely called regretters. Detransitioning back to their birth genders. Via long painful journey back.

As for the cross dressers. They have no desire to have a surgical sex change. Even a most masculine man can feel comfortable as a drag. Others have cross-dressed as an art form. And there’s a segment of cross dressers that believed that the world owes them to have a good time or fun.


3 thoughts on “just a confusing thought and some research

  1. Regardless of the subject you research, it all produces basic slavery along these lines. You dig up a website, scan it, note where that suggests a topic closer to your interest, (or a better topic), and go after that. This can lead you far afield though, so by all means bookmark every webpage you look at — that way you can backtrack and see if you are losing your way.

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