Pembrokeshire ‘hobbit home’ demolition appeal lost

that’s a real shame about that house it looks gorgeous

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The roundhouse

A Pembrokeshire couple who built a ‘hobbit-style’ eco home without planning consent have lost a demolition appeal.

The Planning Inspectorate has backed the council’s decision to demand the property near Crymych is demolished.

Owner’s Charlie Hague and Megan Williams argued that the straw-walled house had low impact on the environment.

But inspectors said that did not change rules on building in rural areas.

“There is a lack of proper justification for the benefits of the low-impact development in this case for this matter to be given sufficient weight and to outweigh the policies which seek to control development in the countryside,” ruled the planning inspector, Iwan Lloyd.

The couple moved into the house just before their son was born

The owners had been living in a caravan for four years, before moving into the new home just before their son Eli was born.

Sculptor Mr Hague spent more…

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