non-writing update – done and done

My half sister and I decided to do some changes to my office/laundry room and one rearrangement of one furniture in the living room. Planting the old stand, and old TV or night stand, in another room. It’s too bad that I don’t have a digital camera. My computer desk is now on the west side of my laundry/office. A less cluttered look. A bit easier to move.

I got rid of the papers and some things that I don’t need. But I accidentally threw away the hood part of my winter jacket. No matter, I still have my old toque. Besides I find the hood a little distracting.

The upside of my office/laundry room is that I can look out the window and keep on my dog. Without craning my neck, and see what’s going on.

The dog is lengthening a bit, he’s growing stronger. But I still haven’t taught him to sit. And he had injured himself, limping. So I decided not to unchain him. I cleaned his paw, after soaking it briefly in salt water and patted his paw dry. No blood stains.

I may need to get myself two of the of those plastic bookcases that can be assembled. One of my office/laundry and one of the kitchen. I don’t know if WalMart would ship those up here to where I live. Considering that there are no street names. Time will tell, when that damn order for kibble finally comes in.


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