non writing update – A short rant

All right a quick rant. Among the few things that I find up here repeated. You can’t get hardly anything up here. For quite sometime I have been trying to get my Indian Status Card renewed. Making trips to the band office. The woman who works at the Band Administration Office told me that it would take weeks for come in. They said last month that they would get those forms in August. A bold face lie.

I am getting annoyed in playing this stupid game. For starters, I don’t have a printer, if I did, I would print out my own form via Canada Government Website. Second they don’t mail forms that I need. When I inquired about in getting those forms, when I phoned there last month.

Things are pricey as it is. Everything is shipped by plane and by seasonal barge of which is two months. Flights from Attawapiskat to Timmins is 1300.00, 2.15 for a litre of gasoline, 2.49 for a small candy bar, 5.95/6.95 for can of corned beef hash, 3.99 for a loaf of bread and so forth.

It would be nice if there was a highway from here to Hearst. The trip would be four to fives hours tops. Things would be a little cheaper, dynamics of this community would change greatly good and bad. But I don’t see a highway being built in my life time.


8 thoughts on “non writing update – A short rant

    • Yeah it will. A little patience goes a long way. Long as that I don’t go bonkers. 🙂

      every community has it owns snags and hiccups. the upside its not that dangerous up here, things are relatively safe, I can go for walk, aside from drunken and drugged out fools, polar bears, bears and wolves

      • Winter time is a little risky wolves and stray dogs. some dogs have wolf blood in them. half mutt half wolf, due to wolves coming to town looking for pooch booty.

        Whenever polar bears come close to town, they’re often shot. In Spring and Summer, it’s the bears you would have to watch for. About two months ago a young bear came into town, looking for something to eat. the cops sprang to action and shot the bear, I had to stand close to one of the houses fearing stray bullets.

      • Goodness – it’s a whole other world! Maybe you should write more posts about your way of life, I am sure that others would find it equally as fascinating. We get wild foxes in the UK but that is about it.!

      • I think I ought to. I have heard several snippets of info. One about hairy entity one during the winter road season about several years back. where one scared witness said that it ascended upward into the darkness after she thought it was some person, she approach someone standing by the winter road. the closer she got, turns out to be a hairy dude

  1. I will not pretend that any of this is unfamiliar to me through many friends and years of reading. For people from the southland, though, it is an absolute horror, and Jade Reyner does you a great service by reading you so closely and paying attention to what you tell her.
    If I were you, I would mention the paltry special assistance the people of Attawapiskat receive to help them deal with these incredible expenses. That is really a scandal.
    // Bill

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