back again, non writing update, another thoughts

I am moving ahead in ordering dog food. Blue Buffalo is the cheapest dog food I can find, without losing at the local airport. Last time, I ordered Pedigree dry dog food from Wal-Mart. I wasn’t even notified that it came in. And I almost lost that damn order. It was delivered to me at the airport, when my half sister was going back to Toronto.

Anyways back to the dog food, I am still deciding whether or not to buy two 30lbs bag of Blue Buffalo kibble. 68.99 before tax and Thunder Airlines shipment seems reasonable. Each bag should last him six to eight weeks. Hopefully either bag won’t be torn open.

Sped, a somewhat stubborn pooch, decided to become finicky eater, if he were a fussy eater then I’m screwed. I purchased small bag of Kibble N Bits at the local store. That bag cost me ten bucks before tax. I fed that to him this morning, a few minutes after returning from the Northern Store. And the usual pedigree kibble this evening.

On other news, Theresa Spence was re-elected as Chief. Different Deputy and Council members. Naturally Canadians weren’t too pleased. Other than that I am not going to discuss on this issue.

I am reluctant to talk about my thoughts about growing our own produce aka vegetables grown in greenhouses, a bee farm, and a chicken farm within the region of Attawapiskat. I think the pipe dream about the fresh eggs from chicken farm is pushing it a little too far. Let’s just say, that the climate from off-reserve is a tad moody at the moment.

In meantime, I will brain vomit more thoughts on where the muse would lead in writing department.


One thought on “back again, non writing update, another thoughts

  1. You are still fighting the battle of the dog foods. I think your choice of ANY dog food will work, because I think in the end Sped will get hungry and eat what is set before him. But I am a patient man, and I know you become frustrated when he turns away from his food bowl.

    I am most interested that Theresa was re-elected chief. And I am surprised. Like most of the world, I applauded her hunger strike and was very proud of her for that action. But on the home front? Please list some of her achievements! All I remember is a constant flow of complaints about the town government. I thought that would push her right out of the running.

    I wish you could produce lots of home grown foods. But I doubt that Attawapiskat has the climate for any of them. Think of all the energy it would take to keep chickens through the winter!

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