A Short Chat with Dave.

Back again from the digital purgatory. On September 30th I had chatted with David one of the teachers, at his home.  We were chatting about our own WIP. Storylines, a little bit on the settings, mulling over plots and brain vomiting a few things.

He started talking a little bit about Atlas Shrug. And I said, I should get that book and read it.

As I delved a bit into my WIP. Dave caught on with what I was talking about. A little bit on the main character, on where he’s from and what happened to him. As for the female character, I didn’t want to flush her out completely.

But he was intrigued with the plot and the tale. And insisted that I write it, flush it out on a document, rather than continue mulling over it.

With main character, I asked him how old he should be. He suggested thirty-three years of age. Called it a magic number, and said thirty three is when Jesus started his ministry. Originally I had thoughts of changing his age number many times before. In regards to the woman, he suggested early to mid-twenties.


One thought on “A Short Chat with Dave.

  1. How lucky you are to have others who are interested in your work. Dave is sharp and interested in imaginative work — you involve his interest quickly. A bit demanding — write it out now, don’t keep talking about it. Good advice, but it depends on how you think. Many writers spend late evenings discussing their work, and only then start writing. Up to you.

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