non writing update, grass cutting detail, and one quick thought

Grass cutting detail. Man, I had to walk a long way just to cut the grass. The large folding knife works well. Naturally, grass is still green in some places. Slowly and surely the grass is drying out. I only gathered the ones that are dried. Hopefully, it won’t snow yet, more dried grass needs to be harvested as bedding material for Sped. Looks like rain is on her merry way.

Three bundles, a single bundle is somewhat puny to my standards. Not exactly a mother load. Two more to go. Once that is completed, I will stash three under the house, to make room in the shed. The rest would be left in the shed.

Unfortunately, Sped decided to relieve himself on a dried grass bundle. When I readjusted the mini bungee cord, before making my way home.

Living in community in a middle of nowhere is dangerous, you got to consider wolves, black bears, shape of landscapes, and traps. A black bear can easily tackle, pin me to the ground and eat me alive. You never play dead with a black bear or mess with that four legged animal. I don’t dare go too far, even with my dog.


One thought on “non writing update, grass cutting detail, and one quick thought

  1. Portraying daily life is difficult — how can you make it interest others? Here you do it very well. The long hunt for suitable dried grass … the pressure of time before the snow arrives … and the many dangers of your world. This explanation of Barry’s World should shock southerners. Good job. (And watch out for bears!)

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