Lo and Behold the dog named Sped.

Lo and behold the named Sped.  He’s about ten months old, but by march and April. I will know when he had finally finished grown, I had him since he was a pup.


The second picture below is not so clean. But there he is, standing close to his dog house. Unfortunately I didn’t gather more bundles of dried as I wanted. But if we are still alive by next fall, I would gather more than what I had gathered fall of 2013.



2 thoughts on “Lo and Behold the dog named Sped.

  1. Sped has been part of my life since he arrived at your home. He is a fine dog, devoted and loyal to you. And, I might add, hearty, since he is surviving at those low Attawapiskat temperatures. So …. Huzzah for Sped, give him a pat for me.

    • Will do. The large black stray dog displace Sped from his dog house. Considering that it’s warm, that stray mutt often sneaks at night time when I’m inside.

      I may have to hurt the dog in question badly, even injure him to the point the owner would be pissed.

      Sped is often territorial in regards to the affections I give him.

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