My Blog at is a little twitchy

It seems to me that my wordpress is acting stupid. At the moment I am have trouble in posting blog post on this site. Could be a glitch, or those self-righteous control freaks are lurking about? I don’t know.  I don’t feel like going to the costumer service, they can kiss my butt cheeks. Not in the mood for a round of twenty-twenty questions, or chat with dude from India to mellow out any snags.

It will have to be wait and see how things would move along.

On the other news, I was able to post a blog. By going to separate page. Short cuts my foot. My internet may be slow, but it’s better than nothing.


2 thoughts on “My Blog at is a little twitchy

  1. I do not know what happens to these simple services! Posting blogs and allowing comments is not all that complicated, but they screw it up somehow. You have looked into this deeply if you know they have a customer service. I am amazed to learn that.
    Keep on getting angry at these irritations. They will drive you mad if you don’t slash out at them.

    • I prefer things to be uncomplicated, Even though issues tend to arise. Making things tedious in posting blogs or comments, Sometimes comments vanish without a trace.
      Considering that blogs, and soclal media can get twitchy to downright irritating. It’s like playing a digital hop scotch with On the other hand with facebook it’s like being given a middle finger.
      Twitter remained stable even after many years.

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