One thought on “Non writing post, Phasing out of printed cheques and going digital

  1. Another mad plan of the government, designed for the urban Canadians in the south and totally unconcerned about the millions who live in scattered small towns elsewhere. If they really mean to do away with cheques and money orders they must do something for small country towns.
    There is a very easy solution — I have seen it often in the states — the traveling bank branch. Consider this: Once a month a big bank from the south sends a banker with forms and money to Attawapiskat. He rents out a small space (say in the Northern), and for three days does bank business for all who come to him. He opens accounts, cashes payments, issues credit cards, makes change, and so on. Everyone in town gets a banking service for three days a month. Henceforth they can do their banking on line.
    Yes, he would require police protection to fend off robbers. Surely NAPS could provide this. But if for some reason they could not, he could bring along a bank guard.

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