ANother non writing update, switching to Actr1um dog food

I decided in foregoing in ordering Blue Buffalo dog food. The cargo rates from Timmins to Attawapiskat is expensive, close to extortion. I have found a somewhat suitable substitute. Actr1um dog food exclusively available from WalMart. It’s a cheaper in regards of being frugal. The upside, no corn and no wheat. Besides that pooch of mine  deserves decent stuff, decent grub.

Sped sniffed at the kibble briefly. Looked at me, then sniffed at the contents of his bowl. Sampled the contents and eat.

Judging from my dog’s size and the climate. He may need a bit of extra calories to keep warm.

Speaking of which, I may have to order 16kg bag of kibble, instead of the 7kg. It will last longer.

I used unseasoned broth in kibble, reheating the broth via microwave, but most of the time I just use plain ole warm water.


2 thoughts on “ANother non writing update, switching to Actr1um dog food

    • My cousin once said she will only feed certain dog food to her dog, any kibble that cause him to get diarrhea, she’s not going to feed it to him again

      of course some kibble has side effect in certain pooches, bald spots, can be dangerous for dogs during winter time. Sped’s poop look all right, no firm and not watery, his pee look all right, not tang yellow (not deep yellowish colour)

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