ROW80 Sunday Check in

row80logocopyI almost missed the Sunday’s ROW80 check in. It’s been a slow month for me. I am not going to excuse it. However I did wrote several paragraphs in my ole spiral bound notebook. I had the itch to write about the dark haired chick and her boyfriend. Not to mention the urge to continue what I left off on my NaNoWriMo stint and the other projects that holler “Write Me!!!!”

 I am going have to look for that for that damn notebook. I keep having several interesting though at times inane dreams. Unfortunately I didn’t wrote them, broke a writer’s cardinal rule. Shrugs.


4 thoughts on “ROW80 Sunday Check in

  1. Oh those notebooks! have spent a few fruitless hours searching mine this last week trying to find 2 blogs I know I wrote in them (didn’t transfer at time:( cannot find them – damn. Slow creeps up on all of us sometime or other – all the best for this coming week:)-

    • Thanks for stopping by. They saying longhand writing is fading art. Few still write by hand, gotta love those spiral bound notebooks and the pricey moleskine or a two hard cover dollar notebook

      good luck with your ROW80 as well.

  2. You are right — it is a cardinal rule to write down small texts that you wish to expand later. Also any passing ideas you have that a reminder will bring back. Our minds are busy and our memories crowded, but a glimpse of something written will bring back good work you did earlier and then let drop.

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